Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wimerwhiners, Part 2

Welcome to the new blog solely dedicated to the opposition of right wing blogger Keith Wimer of I am the Spirituality examiner for and became exposed to Mr. Wimer’s blog during the summer of 09. Mr. Wimer’s bio states the following:”Keith became a follower of the Christian faith in 1996 and since then has carefully read the Bible cover to cover many times. In addition to general Bible study, Keith has perused the texts of other world religions (including the Qur'an) with an emphasis on attaining an understanding of how the topic of "eschatology" -- understood to mean the study of so-called "end times" -- varies therein. Over the past ten years, Keith has read nearly a hundred books presenting various positions on eschatology. Additionally, he has deliberated at length upon such topics as cosmology, evolutionary theory, and Christian apologetics.” In his 13 short years of religious studies he has come to a unique right wing perspective of the universe as a whole. Wow! 13 years. How impressive! Hogwash. This person has manipulated and directed his readership to a space where they have no clue of the truths hidden within the Bible and the Qur'an. When you study anything with a pre-conceived notion, you will always find things that will support your position.

Eschatology is the study of the end times. Throughout human history we have had eschatological theories perpetrated upon believers in order to keep believers in line with a religious group’s beliefs. It is the preaching of fear by fear mongerers. Playing to his right wing base, Mr. Wimer, article after article, supports right wing nuts like Glenn Beck. And no wonder. As I say in the tag line of this blog, “A blog dedicated to refuting the erroneous claims by the right wing blogger and Glenn Beck supporter Keith Wimer. His brand of inciting his unstable base needs to be countered by intelligence and forthright opinion.” After experiencing the wrath of Mr. Wimer’s commenters, I assure you, they are unstable. I have collated their inciteful (misspelling intentional) comments for any reader who would like to view them. Just leave a comment with your email and I will forward them to you. Why? Because we need to see and understand that there are unstable people in this world who will go to any length to assert their position; i.e. going to town halls with handguns. These people are uninformed, blind and self-righteous about their position and listen to morons like Mr. Wimer.

This blog is the result of the whining of Mr. Wimer. After an article I wrote entitled, “Wimerwhiners, Part 1, Mr. Wimer reported me to the Examiner claiming that I was not being professional in my attacks on his ludicrous position. I was informed by the Examiner that it was inappropriate for me to attack another examiner and they refused to re-post my article. They removed the article and I have re-posted it here as Wimerwhiners: Part 1. In this article I list the points where I agree with Mr. Wimer. In fact, the tone of the article is not egregious at all. Yet, it was taken down by the editors of the Examiner. I was taught to respect someone in their house and I replied to my section leader with a notice that I would respect his wishes. However, since Mr. Wimer has gotten away with spewing his vitriol against me with impunity, I have had no choice but to acquire a new piece of virtual real-estate, this blog, in which to refute his erroneous claims. Mr. Wimer’s form of self-righteous indignation is dangerous at best. I would like to thank the Examiner for the professional manner in which they handled the debate between Mr. Wimer and I, however, the fact remains that he has whined and cried at the fact that I caught him in his lies and he can’t take it. I say to him; if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. I am not the only one who has caught Mr. Wimer in his lies. Please visit Kerry Martin at and read his words. Compare his 13 years of research with my lifetime of living and studying the Word and there is no comparison. Yet, he sits on his self-appointed throne of readership with his court jesters saying yes to his every word without investigating where his word came from. This is the worst form of truth-bating and those who follow it are doomed to a life of ignorance and fate.

Those who preach fear will reap fear. Please, read the fear of his followers as they spew their support for a person who does not completely research his findings; just like his hero Glenn Beck. In article after article he uses Biblical references to support his weak conservative position without any care to the fact that he is inciting and unstable base of people who don’t research the Bible and who blindly take his word for what it means. This is the most dangerous form of posturing and that is why I have created this blog. As time permits, I will examine and respond to his blitherings here in order to challenge and enlighten those who seek the truth and not conservative white-washing. Welcome to a blog where a debate is welcome and censorship is not allowed. Speak you mind whether you agree with me or not. And here you won’t have to worry about Mr. Wimer’s whining. It will NOT influence the outcome of this blog.

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