Saturday, September 19, 2009

9/12: fear at its peak

From the smell of burgers on the grill at tailgating parties to the mall in D.C., many gathered to proclaim the mantra, “I want my country back!” And exactly what is their country? A country that, until recently, most of the world hated and despised for its infiltration into the societies of the world and its manipulation of their governments and economies. In essence, Big Brother. Yet the war paint of the old government fans and their louder and louder yelling doesn’t change the fact that our country has changed. People who have studied world history have finally gotten to the point where they see that we are no longer an island unto ourselves, but part of a global community. The founding fathers of our Constitution, mostly Deists, knew that the Constitution had to be a dynamic document. One that could be amended and modified to suit our growth and the times in which we would live. Not a static rag that would putrefy knowledge, growth and wisdom. Flexibility is the key to transition. Rigidity causes attitudes and behaviors to break instead of bend. Yet, with NRA placards in hand and a full metal jacket, those who want to defend our old way of life rise up and march on Washington.

With Bibles in hand they proclaim a way of life that has caused injury and insult to many peaceful people who want to be integrated into a global community. The same mindset that raided the lands of the Native Americans and called them heathens. Peaceful and sharing people who welcomed the settlers with open arms and shared our national holiday of Thanksgiving. People who were open to sharing the land, not raping it. Even if these 9/12er’s were taught the true history, they would still deny it based on the loudest of their leaders’ skew on the facts. Why? Because their leaders are right? Hardly! Because it fits into their pre-conceived agenda of control, domination and manipulation; the American way. Or should I say the redneck American way. In full regale the yahoos led by Jim Bobs marched on D.C. proclaiming an anti-socialist agenda and to make a statement. Over a million strong availed themselves of the right to demonstrate; in full view of the Congress and the President. This wouldn’t have happened in the Bush Administration, for they would have been relegated to demonstrating miles away.

With mantras like, “I want my America back”, many marched with self-righteous indignation like they “own” this country. What about the rest of us who want a better life? Are our opinions of no matter? Leaders who want power for themselves rule with control, domination and manipulation. They spin the facts to suit their needs and get even with those who disagree with them. They smear anyone who offers another opinion. If an opinion stands up to logic, based on facts, then it is worth debating. When conclusions about facts are embraced by people as true, it must stand up to scrutiny under the microscope. Also, it must be seen in a collective light as well. The Christian question is WWJD? Yet, many of these self-righteous 9/12er’s spin that question to defend a way of life that has hurt, moreover than helped, many people in the world.

The bottom line is that the 9/12er’s are preaching FEAR. Did Jesus preach fear? He preached obedience to God and respect for your fellow man. Not to take a position and posture yourself so that your viewpoint is right, whether it stands up to scrutiny or not. Remember the line he drew in the sand? Do most of you know what that idiom means? Have you taken the time to investigate the message of love and faith that Jesus taught? Or are you taking the easy way out and joining a mob of fear and defense based on an antiquated outlook of separatism? Are you enforcing fear at its peak like the Glenn Beck’s of the world or are you contributing to the growth and prosperity of your community? You decide. The facts are right in front of your face. Will you ignore them or support them? It’s up to you.

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