Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What’s your favorite whine?

All of us have something that happens every day that we don’t like. We might not like the way someone looked or reacted to us, the politics or religion of someone else or the results we have obtained at the end of the day. We have choices in regards to whether we react, do nothing or pro-act. If we react, we either run away from the problem or we attack it head on. If we do nothing, we either give ourselves the time necessary to evaluate or we tread water. If we pro-act, we evaluate the situation and find the best solution to the problem that is beneficial for everyone. Reaction comes in many forms. If we are the type of person who is aggressive we might choose immediately to fight a particular viewpoint or circumstance. If we are more passive, we might choose to remove ourselves from a person whose viewpoint we feel is erroneous. Doing nothing allows us the time to evaluate a situation and delay the necessary action we eventually need to take. For example, making the time for effective research about a particular subject to learn the FACTS and not just the OPINIONS of others. However, if we tread water long enough our spiritual “arms” and “legs” become tired. Procrastination in making an evaluation and delivering the subsequent actions can cause internal stress and physical maladies. Pro-acting affords us the best solution in that we take the time to evaluate a situation and not judge those involved in the situation.

Facts are observed or sensed things that actually exist or that have happened in the real world. Opinions are personal views, beliefs or judgments that provide certainty in conclusions for an individual as a result of observing facts. A person’s perspective and pre-conceived notions have a great deal to do with how they will arrive at their opinions. If they are at all confused about their opinions of the facts, they might procrastinate making a decision either hoping to achieve more clarity about the situation, or wishing that it would just go away. The latter is definitely fooling oneself. Situations and problems occur in our lives in order for us to grow and expand. It challenges our comfort zone and affords an opportunity for us to gain a greater perspective.

Evaluation of the facts requires us to utilize our senses in an organized fashion in order to see the balanced picture. In other words, a snapshot of reality. Judgment involves us to take the evaluations we have perceived and to create an opinion. Only through judgment can we see the validity or invalidity of the facts as we perceive them. If you feel powerless to act on your judgments you might retreat into your inner sanctum or start to whine about how things are. Whiners cry loud enough to force their opinions on those who don’t agree and seek those who agree with them in order to validate their opinions. Whining comes from uneasiness, discontentment and self-pity. In other words, a loser mentality.

What is your favorite whine? Is it because you think that our government is turning socialist and your opinion is based on others’ opinions and not the facts? Is it because you are lily white and you cannot take the fact that an African-American is president? Is it because you have read the Bible and it tells you we are coming to the end times and we need to be ready? Or is it because you just didn’t get your way? Was your ego so dominant that you couldn’t handle the FACT that most of the people in this country are tired of wars, hunger and corporate lies about health care reform and they want a positive change? It isn’t all about you, ya know. It’s about all of us. To the whiners out there, quit your whining. If you feel we need to go in a different direction then present a plan that involves incentives for people MORE than for corporate rape. Be a part of the solution instead of whining about it. Stop listening to morons who make up “facts” and see conspiracies in just about everything. Use the brain God has given you and be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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