Saturday, September 19, 2009

The religious right: sore losers and bible abusers

The recent onslaught of right wing holier than thous preaching to me has been most amusing. One particular reader, Greg West, has added me to an Anti-Mormon hit list for his constituents. Hmmm. Sounds fascist, doesn’t it? What does that mean? Will I be denied a loan? Do I have to keep watch for skinny tied young men on bicycles? Must I look over my shoulders or have my cable cut off? Mr. West begins by trying to poke holes in my credentials and then getting into my family business, just like I stated to a Mormon commenter about MY experience with the Mormon Church. He claims that because I attacked Glenn Beck, who is Mormon, that I am attacking all Mormons. What a small mind! In his quest to diminish me, he has reinforced my argument. Maybe I should make up a list of anti-spirituality people and post that on the Internet; no, I’m not a fascist like Mr. West.
And what about the right wing sore losers? They have claimed to be the “sleeping giant” yet my assertion is that the real sleeping giant was awakened and acted last November 4, 2008. This was one of the most important times in our history, because the people spoke loudly about how they were tired of the good ole boy network of corporate rapists, crooked politicians and self-serving mercenaries. The people have spoken and no matter how much rhetoric is yelled loudly at town halls, no matter how many would-be pageant contestants spread hate and lies and no matter how many holier than thous writhe in pain, finally, the voice of the people will be heard. Let’s face it; the days of making a fortune off the other guy’s hard work are on their way out. People are finally really listening to what Christ said and following his tenets and principles. No, it will not happen overnight; but it WILL happen. People are tired of being abused by big business, government and self-righteous haters.
Now, here comes the fun part. The Bible abusers. Those holier than thous who beat their Bibles or beat you over the head with their Bibles. Especially those with the Bible AND the Book of Mormon. I think it’s funny, that if you take the “C” that Glenn Beck left out of oligarchy, and add it to the name of the Angel Moroni, it spells “MORONIC.” That’s why he left out the “C!” He didn’t want to reveal his true nature! Nice try, Glenn. Those who abuse or bastardize God’s word are the worst kind of morons. God has given us a set of rules to obey and follow, yet, through many years of mistranslations and agenda fulfilling, the Bible has been made into a vehicle to whip game on others. It was NOT intended for that. Jesus laid out specifically our attitudes to be. Read them and take time to absorb what they mean. Then, go and read or view the hatred spewed by Greg West and Glenn Beck and tell me that they are following Christ. Hardly.
The Bible is our guide to live a blessed life. Each book for each major religion is their guide for life. Jesus said for us to follow the “SPIRIT” of the law and not the letter of the law. When any man makes what is written down more important than feeding a hungry child, helping a sick and elderly person or giving of your time to help those less blessed than you, than he is truly missing the point. Jesus said that if ANYONE knocks on your door and you turn them away, then you are turning him away. Yet, in this health care debate the Republicans are fighting the very thing that Jesus told us to embrace. Compassion and care for the poor. Respect for all people, no matter what they believe. Giving of yourself to others because it makes us all stronger.
I have been attacked because of my acerbic tone in my writings. I have been called foolish, angry, full of it and a loser. I really don’t care what any one of you calls me. I choose to follow the words of Christ and not the words of those who THINK they know what he has said. That’s why I spent most of my life studying the Word in church and in seminary school. Mr. West can try to diminish my credentials, but what right does he have to diminish my spirit? Absolutely none. His form of hatred and lies are the very reason we are all in the mess we are today with health care, wars and strife. If you teach fear and hate you will reap the rewards of that in your life. My message is simple. Don’t believe everything you read, view or hear. Investigate it. Listen to the still small voice of God. He will guide your steps no matter how many freaks come out of the woodwork.
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