Saturday, September 19, 2009

God is NOT a hater, but Glenn Beck is!

I feel especially qualified to make this statement after I conducted my experiment for the past three weeks. After collating my results and reading the comments for the final time, I truly realized how delusional, moronic and infantile most of the negative commenters were. I want to thank Keith Wimer, Religion and Politics Examiner for directing his readers to view my articles and decide for themselves. They made the snake pit quite interesting with their intelligent comments like, “this guy is full of crap.” What an intelligent comment! Their participation allowed my experiment to be rich and full of non-diversity and hate talk. Talk about opinionated and closed minded! Kind of makes you wonder about those with such a weak position who call themselves Christians. I now fully understand the hatred that is taught by Glenn Beck.

In Keith’s article, Glenn Beck facing leftist limbo, Keith states the following; “Limbo, as in the popular song and dance; question is, "how low can they go?" Hypocrisy, callousness, malice, and outright LIBEL from leftist propagandists have, can it be said, finally answered that question. Of course one daren’t set the low mark just yet. One thing seemingly inevitable, when it appears these loony radicals couldn’t possibly get any baser, they jerk an all new falsehood from their collective sphincter. Perhaps it’s appropriate the aforementioned 50’s party fad was based on a Trinidad funeral dance. Allegorically speaking, today’s "leftist limbo" does appear to signal the imminent death of civil discourse amongst those who disagree with each other. Incidentally, it had been decided that Glenn Beck was going to take a hiatus from this column for a spell to examine some other issues, but extremist scoundrels have thrown the gauntlet and to not denounce their madness would be ethically wrong.”

Well Mr. Whiner, excuse me, Wimer, I had such a good laugh over this one! I guess that I am one of the “extremist scoundrels” you mentioned. It would be ethically wrong for me not to say something about your apparent lack of intelligence in regards to this issue, in my opinion. The readers you sent me commented at such a low it was amazing. Civil discourse for them is verbal pollution. As for libel, when you are public figure and make statements there is no libel when someone calls you a moron; especially when you suffer from ADHD, display a dry drunk attitude and simply find conspiracies in everything. As for you and your readers‘ collective sphincter, as you call it, it’s the same old song. I won’t attempt to denounce you and your readers’ madness, I will just LOL! And you and your readers call yourselves Christians and Godlike? What a joke. You wouldn’t know compassion and understanding if it hit you over the head. Are you finding sickles and plow shares in any Wilmington government or banking buildings much like your hero GB is finding at Rockefeller Center (incidentally where the Fox News is located)?

I carried on a dialogue recently with Father Jacob, a Catholic priest. He insisted to me that God hates. God hates? What a moronic conclusion. God has created everything in this universe. We are His most prized creation. Who are the haters? People are, not God! Glenn Beck is so full of himself and the fact that he preaches to morons every night that his ego is out of control. This man, in my opinion, is a hater and needs serious mental help! What’s next?  As Chris Matthews says, “Fox News is constant verbal incitement.” Incitement that affects people like the lily white Jim Bob at a town hall that kept interrupting a woman in a wheel chair who was only trying to tell her story. People who believe communistic and socialistic threats from morons who don’t even know the meanings of the words. If it didn’t push people to bringing guns to town halls it might be just simply funny. But it isn’t. It’s simply hate and fear mongering.

Want to be a hater? Want to deny what Christ tried to teach you? Then keep listening to the Beck’s, Hannity’s, Limbaugh’s and O’Reilly’s of the world. Nothing but sore losers! If you want to truly make a difference, then follow the principles in the Beatitudes that were stated in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric of haters, liars and manipulators! They are on a path to destruction, no constructive dialogue and a life of fear and lack. God has created an abundant and loving universe. When you seek that, it will come to you. When you live hatred, it will come to you as well. Which will you choose?

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