Saturday, September 19, 2009

Granny and the intercessor

After a relaxing weekend I decided to read some R&P articles. I needed a good laugh and Mr. Whiner sure knows how to give you one. My “esteamed” (misspelling intentional) colleague raises the bar when it comes to non-sense and rhetoric. One of his readers, Frankly Speaking, left an interesting comment: “Keith Wimer is the best cut and paste man working on the internet today. He believes that Glenn Beck was sent here on a mission from God to push the Conservative agenda forward. He agrees with people on his site that condemned Ted Kennedy to hell the day after he died. He is one confused Christian indeed.” Hmmm. Interesting. Frankly speaking, I found Mr. Whiner’s behavior “inexcusable.” Oh, he tried to back pedal in his second article on Ted Kennedy, only to take the cowardly way out and quote a Catholic priest with his own agenda to reinforce his position. His take on Ted Kennedy is like Sarah Palin’s “kill granny” theory of “death panels.” He elevates himself to the position of intercessor between you and God. He then rants about comments against Glenn Beck as being libelous. As Kerry Martin from says, Keith needs a dictionary! It's not libel if it's the truth.”

Then comes his take on judgment. Judgment means to form and opinion in an objective, authoritative and wise manner. Judgment depends on a person’s evaluation of the facts. Evaluation means to set the value or significance of something after you examine the facts. Mr. Whiner states my “continued efforts to shame, denigrate, and assail the character of this column and its author, through his own writings. The consensus by the majority has been, invectives such as these aren’t worth dignifying.” How convenient. My evaluation of the facts came to one conclusion. Mr. Whiner wasn’t there at Ted Kennedy’s accident, and therefore had no idea as to what had truly happened. He then claims I judged him for that with Aren’t folks who reprimand others for passing judgment, not in fact themselves passing judgment on those they deem "judgmental"? The absolute apex of hypocrisy is for one to accuse another of something they are so blatantly guilty of themselves, whether one recognizes or willingly acknowledges one's own duplicity or not. This is the greater principle the preceding anecdote seeks to edify one and all with.” My evaluation of your actions is completely correct. My judgment is of no consequence, sir. That one you will have to deal with when you meet your maker. Mr. Whiner’s above statement doesn’t hold water when one examines the facts. The apex of ego and hypocrisy comes from anyone who assumes they KNOW what God’s judgment is and inflicts it on another human being. That is NOT our job!

Then, there are his readers. After leaving many insidious comments about me and my character, I decided to wipe my comments and start the slate clean. My choice, my decision, my right. Again, Mr. Whiner’s whiners complained to high heaven with one even threatening to hack into’s servers to retrieve the comments. And these are stable minds? One of his commenters said, “Bringing your daughter into this out of the blue was about as low life as this piece of human garbage can get!!! What an A**hole.” The fact is I referenced his position on TK and asked him what his daughter would think if she knew that he was judging another human being without the facts. I said nothing derogatory about his daughter at all. This is the mindset of these right wing nuts. Attack the person, not the truth that they are saying. Distract the focus from the issues and the truth. Another commenter, Mike Litoris, is such a coward that he uses a play on words that identify a woman’s genitalia to identify himself. In reference to me he says, “He is obviously so envious of your ability to write and reason circles around him, that he has nothing left to offer but personal and highly inaccurate professional attacks on you and YOUR quality work.” There is nothing farther from the truth. I would rather have one reader that I reach with the truth than to have my readers act like such childish morons as Mr. Litoris. To be envious of someone you have to desire what they have. I can assure you, there is nothing that Mr. Whiner has that I want! I have read the Bible cover to cover like him many times and we both see different things. Our major difference is that I don’t buy his eschatological horsecrap. I guess Mr. Whiner was a fly on the wall in the cave on the Isle of Patmos in 90 C.E. when St. John wrote the Revelation.

Here is the bottom line. Anyone who listens to fear and acts on it has not developed his character to lead other individuals. Glenn Beck is one prime example. Anyone who follows him is unstable at best. As Penn of Penn & Teller said, “If God told you to kill your child and you said no, then you are an Atheist. If you said yes, then you are dangerous and stay away from me.” Those who teach and practice faith in God and NOT fear of God are the true leaders in Christ. Not those who preach doom and gloom and the end of the world. Those are the people who don’t have a clue of the mission of human life on this planet. May God bless them in their ignorance.

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