Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spirituality and the public option

Much has been said recently about the public option of HR3200. The supporters say that we need such an option to provide health care for millions who don’t have it, while the nay-sayers preach fear and distrust because it increases government and takes away an individual’s right to choose. Let’s examine. The word option means the power or right of choosing. Hmmm. How is a public option taking away a person’s choice, when the very root of the word is choice? I really think the nay-sayers have blown it on this one. No matter how many times they are told that it won’t affect their own insurance, or right to buy that insurance, they still listen to the Beck’s, Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, O’Reilly’s and Murdoch’s of the world. People who make a living on spreading hate.

Spirituality is the belief that things that cannot be seen affect things that can. However, it works both ways. What you do outwardly every day affects your inner spirit. The nay-sayers don’t seem to have any clue how their negative behavior based on innuendo and not the facts is affecting their spiritual being. Thomas Paine once said, "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." Are the nay-sayers fooling themselves? Or do they have a point? They base their argument on the right of individual choice.

Years ago I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Cleon Skousen. Dr. Skousen, a staunch conservative and Mormon, taught about how individual initiative is what allowed the first settlers to this country to survive. Communistic policies that were enforced in the first winter after their landing led to laziness and lack of contribution by some members of the community. But was his assessment correct? At that time it was. We, as people, are dynamic. As our bodies and minds grow, the awareness of our spirit grows as well. Because some form of behavior created a set of circumstances at one point in history does not necessarily make it viable at other points in history.

We have grown as a society in incremental steps toward a greater understanding of our spiritual nature. However, there are many churches, priests, preachers and religious leaders that still attempt to beat us up with fear, sin and eschatology. If you believe that God has created this universe then come to realize one thing; this universe is abundant. Can you count the blades of grass, the drops of water and the stars in the sky? We have the tools, like most of our Deistic (not Judeo-Christian) founding fathers utilized; to take what God has given us and make it a better world. We have that opportunity with HR3200 to give everyone an equal right to healthcare. It does NOT take away individual initiative, it reinforces it!

A public option would push the insurance companies to negotiate more fervently and as a result it would lower current health care costs. Currently, some Medicare beneficiaries have experienced cost increases; the public option would lower these costs as a result of more fierce competition. Costs wouldn’t be shifted to Americans with private insurance because we would be paying for value, not volume, and subsequently, a practical elimination of over payments. Socialized medicine is NOT socialism. We will still operate as a democratic state and not become a welfare state. The public option will lower costs to families due to the more intense competition. The fear that is being preached is that Americans will be forced to purchase insurance from a public plan. That is so far from the truth it is disgusting! Remember what the word option means. Finally, the patient-doctor relationship would improve because only the necessary care would be administered. Currently, insurance companies decide what they will pay out regardless of what the bill says, and stick the patient with the rest. How is that fair?

Dr. Skousen was right on one very important point. Competition is the soul of our capitalistic society. Furthermore, if we need to resort to socialized medicine to drive up competition, then so be it. To the nay-sayers, stop preaching fear, lies and lack. Realize your true spiritual connection to God, your fellow man and yourself. The more tightly you squeeze on something in your hand the more easily it will slip through your fingers. This is an abundant universe and we are all children of God. Stop hoarding, lying and being self-centered. It will make you a better human being for yourself, others and the rest of the world. As was once said about Ted Turner, “lead, follow or get out of the way.”

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