Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glenn Beck’s day of atonement

Yom Kippur. The most important of Jewish holidays with emphasis on repentance and atonement for one’s sins against man and God. Fasting begins the night before (sundown is the beginning of the Jewish day) and carries on for a 25 hour period (September 27, 2009). After God determines the fate of each person for the coming year on Rosh Hashanah (last Friday, September 18, 2009), He seals his decision on Yom Kippur. As you can imagine, a most holy day for practicing Jews. No to be undone, Loose Lips Beck decided, in his miniscule brain, that he would declare a day of fasting and atonement for our country. Declaring the 9/12 March a must do he didn’t even show up at the event. He must have missed his dose of Prozac and Aderral for his ADHD condition. His neurons began firing at such a rapid rate that he must have felt the guilt for blatantly lying to the American people and felt that he needed to atone. But hey, why not make everyone atone and get great press in the process. What a sensationalist! Even Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, says that Glenn Beck’s statements about race are generating hate amongst us and the Republicans need to distance themselves from him as fast as they can. Mike Barnicle of Morning Joe said GB is heading downward fast! Cut him loose!

So, let’s give GB the benefit of the doubt. He feels that he needs to help people understand what is truly going on. That, in itself, is admirable. I can imagine what he feels after lifting himself out of alcoholism and trying to manage his time with other activities. Activities that make him a great deal of money. But at what expense? As Keith Olbermann and now Joe Scarborough have said, that if GB incites his unstable followers to do anything, he is ultimately responsible. Wouldn’t therapy be a better outlet than inciting an unstable base to do things like camp out with cameras and automatic weapons at as military base and look for FEMA camps? Oh, I guess not. Just like Rupert Murdoch would say, “Argh.” Enough is enough people. When will you begin really looking at the issues and stop listening to sensationalists and morons! In Beck’s case, he has brought a new definition to the term moron.

Megalomaniac- obsessed with doing extravagant things and marked by delusions of greatness.

Ostentatious- tendencies to pretentious and conspicuous displays to impress others.

Reprehensible- all too deserving of rebuke and blame.

Oligarchous- or should we say OLIGARHY? A form of government where the dominant clique rules (Fixed Noise’s unfair and unbiased view of the news? LOL!)

Numbskull- a stupid person; a person who knows better but still insists that he’s right when he knows he isn’t.

Basically a moron who is a person who lacks good judgment. One who clearly sees the fact that if he takes the step forward the rake will hit him in the face? He knows this, but takes the step anyway. Boy that accurately describes Mr. Beck. Don’t you think it’s about time for Mr. Beck to atone for HIS sins? How dare he interrupt a high holy day of the Jews for his own agenda! Is it because he is a Mormon and there is an inherent lack of respect for the Jews within that church? Is it because he down deep inside wants to atone for his lies that he nightly perpetrates on the uninformed? Is it the medication or lack thereof that fires his neurons in a convoluted manner? Or is it the fact that he sees the rake and steps on it anyway? You decide. Pray for the enlightenment of GB and maybe, just maybe, God will answer our prayers.

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