Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sieg heil, corporate america

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It never ceases to amaze me how the lack of intelligence and bullheadedness of conservative right wing intellectual terrorists will defend the very thing that is hurting them the most: corporate america. And what is an intellectual terrorist? A person that keeps battering you with distraction and nonsense long enough for you not to observe and THINK about what is REALLY happening. The expression the blind leading the blind comes to mind, but however, that is not what is happening. Most of these average American citizens are hard-working, family-oriented and want the best in their lives. Yet Corporate America daily dangles the carrot of that better life without hope for them to ever get it.

Many years ago the banks orchestrated the Federal Reserve creation in order to run rampant on the average citizen with interest rates and low monthly payments to keep them in debt forever. The government imposed an income tax on citizens and the IRS took that, according to their code (and NOT the law), to tax your wages. Income tax is legal and wage tax isn’t. There IS a difference! Every ounce of sweat you give into your job earns you money and gives you stress. Stress is the major source of all illnesses because it weakens your immune system. The only way a wage tax would be fair is if the government offered the supporters health care. But do they? Not currently except for the poor and the elderly.

Yet every time a conservative right wing regime is in power in this country, health care reform is passed over. Do you see a pattern here? Corporate America is in the pockets of both Republican and Democratic representatives who proclaim that their stance against health care is for the betterment of America’s citizens. They wave the flag and decry socialism. They try to distract all of us from the truth. Corporate America worships only one God; and that is THE BOTTOM LINE! Their deacons and ministers are the numerous bean counters who daily tally up that “take” and advise them what needs to be done to keep increasing the bottom line. And what’s wrong with that a healthy capitalist might say? Nothing, except when it steps on the freedoms and rights of American citizens. Physical slavery was abolished over 100 years ago and look how long it took for an African-American president to be elected. It is time that people ignore the distraction and nonsense of misguided individuals who support Corporate American rapists and put a STOP to financial slavery.

Stop worshipping at the altar of a false god. What do you think the Hebrews did when Moses didn’t return when they thought he should? They made idols of golden calves (money?) and began worshipping them. God and Moses didn’t take kindly to that, did they. But yet, these same people who bang the Bible in town hall meetings are the same people who turn a blind eye to what Corporate America is doing everyday and cry, “I want my America back.” Why don’t they just call a spade a spade and admit that they are racists. They can’t believe that the best person for the job of leading us out of the mess created by the neo-cons is an African-American. What better person than Barack Obama, who had to grow up with bi-cultural assets in a separatist world, could understand the plight of the average person who is being raped by Corporate America.

People, wake up. Don’t bang the Bible professing it is truth. Read the truth that is in it and realize that Corporate America is your enemy, not your friend. Bring down the regime that has forcibly put you into financial slavery by supporting the real people who are fighting for your individual rights. Don’t just pray for them, get off your tush and do something about it. Show up to town hall meetings to discuss the issues, not distract the discussions from the issues. Truly be an American; one who fights for religious freedom and says no to taxation without representation. Write your congressman, go to town hall meetings, make your voice known. John the Baptist was a lone voice crying in the wilderness; yet his cry announced the Son of Man and the blessings that God has bestowed on us. Wake up and smell the stench of the lies of those who wish to control, dominate and manipulate your every action! Don’t listen to Sieg Heil!

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