Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glenn Beck: the fusion of fear mongering and lunacy

Got your attention, did I? Well, I won’t let you down. Keith Wimer, former Eschatology Examiner and now current Religion and Politics Examiner has recently had a series of articles on Glenn Beck, erroneously portraying him as the school yard nerd who is getting beaten up by the big boys. I commented on Mr. Wimer’s article by saying, “Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows him? This was not an attack, but a question. I want to congratulate Mr. Wimer on his recent success with the Examiner. But at what cost? First, the switch from Eschatology to Religion and Politics because his writings have drawn out the Religious Right contingency and given them a basis for their immoral turpitude on the true teaching of the Bible. It’s understandable when you believe in the eschatological horsecrap based on the psychotic induced visions, or should we say delusions, of St. John The Beloved. John is the supposed author of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. But did Christ truly reveal this allegory to John? Christ taught love and forgiveness. Revelation teaches FEAR! You decide. One of my commenters, Father Jacob, insists on the Bible as the complete Word of God. Father Jacob, why don’t you comment on how the Catholic Church canonized Revelation? Please, let’s seek and speak the truth!

I for one will continue to challenge readers on their beliefs. Where did they come from? How can you know for sure that what you believe is sound? Oh right, the Protestant and Catholic doctrines of sola fide and sola sciptura. Tools for fear mongering preachers like Mr. Beck who day after day sells his soul at the altar of TV ratings. What is fear mongering? It is uses fear through repetition. Keep saying a lie over and over again and eventually people will believe it’s the truth. What is lunacy? Its meaning is insanity and it is classified as a mental disorder. It is sometimes referred to as intermittent insanity and was formerly believed to be related to phases of the moon. Insanity is repeatedly doing something over and over again the same way and expecting different results. One might ask, “How can someone lie repeatedly and still sleep at night?” It’s simple; if they believe they are in the right they simply don’t know any better. Any challenges to their beliefs are summarily dismissed. We are all products of our environment and products of heredity. The truth only lies in the complete investigation of the origins of our beliefs. Something Mr. Beck doesn’t seem to understand because he touts his delusions every night with reckless abandon. Take the FEMA camp at the military base incident. If that lady would have caused any harm to anyone, Mr. Beck would have been just as guilty as she for inciting her with his lies. Who is more foolish? The fool, or the fool that follows him? Beck describes his program as "the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.” I describe it as “the fusion of fear mongering and lunacy.” Remember, Glenn Beck, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are entertainers; NOT experts. More like big mouths that spew diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of ideas.

Back to Mr. Wimer. His audience seems to be a mix mosh of good ole boys, yahoos, BACF’s, in-breds and generally those with an eye for sensationalism. Like Keith Olbermann said last night on his program, “Why don’t you just get a hood?” If the shoe fits wear it pal! I challenge each and every one of his readers to NOT read my column because they might learn something that would undermine the basis of their whole existence; it’s called the TRUTH! Go ahead, Jim Bob, make your comments and further cement your lack of awareness by even entertaining anything coming out of Glenn Beck’s mouth. Glenn Beck teaches fear from his basis of lunacy. Like Olbermann says, “A Don’t Tread on Me Paranoia.” Ready to attack? Then listen. I was raised a Republican. I became a Libertarian. I don’t believe in big government but I believe that if government illegally collects a wage tax from you they can at least provide medical coverage for you and your family. Right wing nuts can call it socialism, but it works. Isn’t that better than UIC’s CEO collecting 750 million dollars off the sweat of your brow? Argue with that one, Jim Bob. Have I got more? Like the right wing nut job and pageant wanna-be says, “you betcha!”

All we have is now. What we thought and believed in the past has made the circumstances you are living now. What you think and believe about now makes the circumstances of your future. One such example is Ted Kennedy. He stayed focused on basic human rights and believed that he could help create a world where we could talk and not kill each other if we disagree. Republicans have been trying to paint Ted Kennedy’s contributions as bi-partisan and conciliatory. Yes, he reached across the aisle, but he embraced the principles of liberalism and to walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes. He did it because he believed in the democratic process. He fought for the average American even though right wing nut jobs took the life of his brothers Jack and Bobby. He believed in the goodness of people. So did Jesus. Did Jesus pick up a stone and stone the adulteress? Did he grab Peter’s sword and finish the job on the Roman? No; he expressed understanding and love. Something that Glenn Beck has NO concept of; you can tell a great deal about the person by the fruits that they bear. Jesus cursed the fig tree when it didn’t bring forth fruit. Corporations, the very thing that Glenn Beck supports and vilifies, have backed out of supporting him. To date, 46 corporate advertisers have said, “we don’t want guilt by association.” Doesn’t that tell you something, Jim Bob? I have prepared a response to Mr. Wimer’s 3 articles on Mr. Beck and they will be forthcoming. I challenge him to tell the truth about Mr. Beck and stop perpetrating the spin on Glenn Beck’s statements, policies and behaviors. Let the battle begin!

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