Saturday, September 19, 2009

Politics and religion

When I woke up today I went through my usual routine. I started my day with thanking God for allowing me to embrace another day as the caffeine from my coffee seeped into my veins. It is a great day, I thought! I spent most of my evening responding to commenters about my article yesterday. It was enlightening to find that most of them accused me of either being a liar, the devil or simply an idiot. What a great country we live where we can speak our minds without fear of reprisal. It’s funny to me that I posted, in Jesus’ own words, the Beatitudes concerning our attitudes to be. What else is funny, is that none of the commenters paid attention to what Jesus was saying. They only focused on how I was using Jesus’ words to further my political agenda. First off, I have no political agenda. I have a thirst for the truth. Especially the truth as revealed by Christ; IN HIS OWN WORDS!

But, as usual, the point was missed by the commenters completely. It has been said that if you want to make friends, then don’t discuss politics or religion. I am not out to make friends; I am out to seek the truth. When I witness the moronic actions at the town halls, the blatant lies being perpetrated by common people in the media and the hostility of the commenters, I begin to understand why Jesus was put to death. He spoke the truth to those who didn’t want to hear the truth. The only way that His words could be silenced, they thought, was to put Him to death. As we all know, that didn’t work. Listen up Rush, Bill, Glenn and Sean. Distraction might work for a season, but ultimately, you will be known by the fruits you bear. Remember, Jesus cursed the fig tree that didn’t bear healthy fruit. Can anyone of you say that the fruits of racism, birthing, deathing and disrupting are healthy fruit? I think not.

Yet, you bellow out you position, day after day, louder and louder each day, drowning out the calm and respectable voices that are present at the town hall meetings. I was very impressed by the Republican man at the Obama town hall who spoke what he felt, in turn and calmly. There are many composed and contained Republicans and Conservatives who speak with maturity and conviction. I fail to see why they don’t shut down the hate mongers like Sarah Palin and her death panel constituents. Or why they let Rush become the figurative head of the Reps. Or how they scream how Bill O’Reilly speaks the truth! That, right there, shows me how misguided and misinformed they are. These are the same people that call me the devil after I quote Christ. I say, what about the devil in you, my friend? Cast the beam out of your own eye before you point out the speck in mine. The speck in mine is my reaction to the idiocy of the past few weeks. People speaking out of turn about things that they don’t know and about companies and people they know absolutely nothing about. Yet, they have an opinion. An opinion means nothing unless it is an informed opinion based on the FACTS and on an obvious truth.

HR3200 might not be the perfect solution to our problem of health care, but it is the only one on the table today. Yes, it might be loaded with earmarks and deals that have to be there so that the corporations can still rape us somewhat, but at least it offers a way for people with CURABLE maladies to afford to have them treated. It won’t affect your current health care, yet the spin doctors want you to believe that so you can shoot it down. Stop listening to the lies of the those who worship the bottom line. Are you truly a believer in God and the word of Jesus? If you are from another religion, do you believe the God you worship would cause harm to His most prized creation? Would someone who respects God’s creation torture another human being? Would they lie to their brother so they can make interest on them? Remove the beam from your eye so you can clearly see the light of day. The only choice left is to live in the darkness.

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