Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glenn Beck: nonsensical or spiritual?

As a result of the recent diatribe over the validity of Glenn Beck and his endless chalkboard points, I decided to watch his program one more time to see if there was anything of value purported by the commenters on my articles and the commenters of Keith Wimer’s articles. I entered the experience with an open mind and as sure as I can say, “You Betcha”, Glenn proceeded to make a complete moron of himself on national television. And the commenters say I should take this man seriously? Give me a break! This man puts his foot in his mouth so much that it’s natural for it to live there. He begins his monologue with his famous chalkboard supposedly spelling the word oligarchy. However, his spelling was O-L-I-G-A-R-H-Y. Not noticing his blatant mistake, he comes back the next night and states that he purposefully left out the C because it stood for “Czars.” ??? The stupidity of this man goes beyond his entertainment ability. Why? Because he believes his own horsecrap!  He then proceeds to identify points based on each letter which have absolutely nothing to do with each other, save in his own demented mind. Calling Mr. Beck a sound political commenter is like calling a rapper a musician. A musician creates and translates music through his being into an instrument. He doesn’t sample what others have done, add his own spin to it and call it original music.

This nonsense of his is insulting to those of us who seek a greater knowledge of the world around us. Being aware of your physical existence is only part of the equation. We have, as human beings, other aspects of our beings that need to be recognized in order for us to grow individually and collectively. If we but took the time to nurture and develop these aspects, we would become more aware of the world around us. When we go to school or college we are developing our mental aspects. We learn how to study, listen and think. We are inputted with many types and forms of information, and through the practical application of this information we obtain knowledge. By developing our emotional intelligence, we learn to listen and respect the other guy and his position, even though he might not agree with us. However, when someone continually subjects us to moronic and unsubstantiated claims, we either fight them or simply turn them off. In my non-self righteous indignation, I have chosen to refute the claims of nonsensical individuals like Glenn Beck. His daily dispensing of misinformation no doubt comes from a deep-seated emotional and mental problems. His behavior is so indicative of a “dry-drunk" (an astute observation by Sue Golden, a reader of my column). Kerry Martin, the has more interesting information about this whole "divide and distract" thing of Mr. Beck.

But is he truly spiritual? The final, and most important aspect of an individual, is where we can truly see whether this man is telling the truth. His religious affiliation is Mormon (The Church of Latter Day Saints). I have had many years of exposure to Mormon believers and I have plenty of information about their belief system. My eldest son is a devout Mormon and he and I have had heated debates over what Joseph Smith witnessed on the hill of Cummorah in New York state. You can rest assure, I will have a series of enlightening details about Mr. Smith and his “Latter Day Saints.” My experience with this church is that they brag about family values and their commitment to their people, yet they stick their noses into people’s private business where they have NO purview. To me, they are the worst form of hypocrites. Why? Because they feel that they have some special knowledge and dispensation from God just like I called out Mr. Wimer on in his first article on Ted Kennedy. Anyone that tells you that they have as direct channel to God is waving the worst kind of B.S. possible. A truly spiritual person seeks to develop their spiritual side by becoming one with God; without a middle man. The religions of the world are great for those who are novices in spirituality. But there comes a time when you must grow up in your beliefs about God. When you understand the knowledge you have obtained, then, and only then, do you obtain wisdom.

Make the time daily to still yourself and become one with God. The reward you will get is less stress, more peace, a developing spiritual connection to the divine, and finally, the ability to distinguish nonsense from truth. Take the peace from this time and seek the truth. Develop all of the aspects of your being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Don’t just develop one aspect and think that it is enough to get you through. Balance of all of the aspects is what makes one aware and truly a contributor to truth and understanding.

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