Friday, September 25, 2009

Republican Rhetoric Revealed: What the Beck?

It’s tough being a Republican watchdog. Every day new spiritually professed alliterations are spewed on the American public under the guise of what’s good for America. But what NEW ideas do the Republicans have to offer? None. Since their hero Raygun and his trickle-down policies, deregulation has caused the financial problems we are currently facing now. They keep trying to re-package the same old rhetoric and perpetrate it on the American public. The definition of insanity is to keep trying to do something the same way and expecting different results. Their obvious delay tactics in Congress are more ego centered than God centered and people centered.

Since most of the Republican representatives (and some Democrats) receive “campaign” donations and “incentives” from corporations, it is no wonder that they do whatever they can to stop health care reform. Looking out for number one. Why isn’t anybody complaining about the obvious crookedness of lobbying and buying off our representatives? This, in itself, should be illegal. It reminds me of the Catholic Church’s alignment with various governmental leaders over the course of history and the way they “suggested” certain actions that benefitted their church.

A person who is an expert at rhetoric uses exaggeration as their tool to convince others of their viewpoint. In my writings I have been accused of using rhetoric simply because my viewpoint was drastically different from that of the accusers. That, in itself, does NOT constitute rhetoric. I call it as I see it. As I have said many times, truth is relative. We all observe facts differently and arrive at different evaluations and ultimately, different judgments. If we base our evaluations and judgments on FACTS and not OPINIONS, we stand a better chance of offering a convincing argument. We all see the ‘truth” differently and reveal it in our own way. Some people have misinterpreted what I have said in my articles as putting down other people’s truths. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Only an opinion-educated mind and rhetoric addict would make that conclusion. You know who you are.

I have discovered a fantastic site that helps bring clarity to the cesspool of Republican Rhetoric. It removes the purported “spiritual” connection to their backwards policies and reveals their rhetoric in the true light of REALITY. It is Led by Kerry Martin and his team of writers, they expose Republican Right Wing Rhetoric right out of the heart of Texas yahoo country. What guts! To speak the truth from the source of the RW stench (Bush Country) and backwards thinking makes their truths even more palatable. Kerry and his fellow writers are dedicated to researching facts, watching and listening to what politicians actually say and watch dogging censorship. If you want to sift through the layers of RW B.S. this is the place to go.

I sure hope they address Mr. Beck. After Beck’s fiasco if misreading the Constitution and its fees for slavery, the people in the town of Mt. Vernon, Washington (where Beck was born) have signed a petition to stop the Mayor from giving Beck the key to the city. The mayor has refused and in so doing has secured not being elected next term. I say, why not give Beck the key to the city. Perhaps he can use it to unlock the truth instead of promulgating his ADHD rhetoric and rantings on the American public. One thing I can say about Mr. Beck, he has modeled his approach after Howard Stern. When listeners were asked why they listened to Howard Stern they replied, “We listen because we don’t know what he is going to say next.” This came from both people who liked him and hated him. This type of appeal is based on sensationalism. Ordinary people seeking extraordinary events by vicarious participation. Exactly the goal of Republican Right Wing Rhetoric. I think Wii outta pay attention! If they sold a Republican Right Wing Rhetoric game they would make a fortune!

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