Saturday, September 19, 2009

Right to life?

Does the Constitution say that we have a right to life? Bob King, in his post states the following, “The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are all things that can only be guaranteed to the extent that we agree to not interfere with the lives and choices of other persons.” Well said, Bob. HR3200 states clearly that the government will pay for an initial counseling session where the patients doctors will discuss with the patient and/or the patient’s family what their viable options are. Options, options, options; not death panels. Now, if you don’t choose to believe me then go and read the bill. In a response to a comment I received from Bill of Houston I said, “The panels as you say are for consultation as to whether they will have a quality of life, that the government will pay for. Have you ever been to a nursing home, sir? Have you seen the constant meds and soul-less stares on the patients, as doctors hack one limb off after another and the patient doesn’t even know where, or who they are? Know what you are fighting for, sir! These people have no quality of life because the pharmaceutical companies are making such a huge profit off of their care.” I know. I visit my father in a nursing home. He doesn’t even know who I am because they have him so drugged up and in a constant stupor; the longer he lives the more the pharmaceutical companies make. Is this quality of life? Hardly!

Republican spokespersons who put down HR3200 say that the government should stay out of our personal choices about life; a belief I hold true as a Libertarian. Well then, what about W. cancelling his vacation to stop Terry Schiavo’s husband from taking her off of life support? He didn’t cancel his golfing vacation for Katrina, when thousands of people’s of lives were at stake (he flew over, tours the area and went back to golfing), yet he said, “we should err on the side of life” just for one individual. No doubt sound advice from his brain Karl Rove. And what about statements made by McCain and Palin about their approval of advanced directive (including living wills) and now denouncing it? Sounds two-faced to me. Argue that one, jim bob.

Now, let’s look at abortion. One of my commenters, Alan, stated that abortion is murder. My response to him was, “ ...Find me one, mind you, just ONE thing about abortion in the Bible...” I challenge all of the evangelical Christian community to find me a verse. Just one; that’s all I ask. But some of the activist Christian community believes that it’s OK to murder abortion doctors. Did Jesus grab Peter’s sword and finish the job on the Roman soldier? No, he picked up his ear and healed him. I don’t care what you say, your actions to meet what act you perceive as wrong by committing the same act is just as wrong. If you don’t see that, then there is definitely something wrong with you. Alan also stated that abortion is against the mandates of the Bible and that I was a pro-abortionist. My response to him was, “As for abortion, I don’t believe in abortion. I have 6 children and 6 grandchildren and I thank God everyday for such a blessing and legacy. I never said that abortion was OK. The mantra you refer to is a woman’s right (to choose)!“ Alan further says, “Anyone who stands by Obama, a rabid pro-abortionist, and still tries to hide behind the hem of Jesus' garment is the worst possible kind of hypocrite.” Sir, I don’t hide behind the hem of Jesus’ garment, I announce it! As for your remarks about a man who recognizes that he is not a woman and has NO right to make choices FOR her, your form of sexual bigotry is dying out quickly.

Like the lady in the town hall meeting who said (no doubt from a script), “you’ve awakened a sleeping giant.” The sleeping giant was awakened last November 4th when the country mandated a change. A move away from fear and fascism toward a democratic and peaceful society. In fact, this same lady, when asked by a reporter said that she “wanted us to go back to what the founding fathers wanted for us.” When he responded with, “Ok, no Medicare, no women’s right to vote” she clammed up and couldn’t say a thing. The Founding Fathers made the Constitution a dynamic, living and breathing document that grows as we grow. Not a static set of rules like most evangelicals THINK the Bible is. The Bible is our operation manual for life. It is NOT our life! Give thanks for the blessing that God has given each and every one of us and you will see and receive the blessings of this abundant universe!

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