Saturday, September 19, 2009

The law of distraction

The definition of the Law of Attraction, according to Esther Hicks (Abraham), is “that, which is like unto itself, is drawn." In other words if you think positive thoughts you will attract positive outcomes. Conversely, if you think negative thoughts you will attract negative outcomes. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? I can hear all of the scientists laughing out loud. The mere thought that the electrical signals in your brain can generate a significant enough magnetic field to affect the energy and matter outside of the brain is not plausible to them. Just as scientists claim that the magnetic fields of the planets and stars are not strong enough to affect us; their main claim to poopoo Astrology. Yet the gravitational effect of the Moon’s mass in its orbit around the Earth affects the tides. Since our bodies are between 88% to 92% water, wouldn’t that affect us as well? Dane Rudhyar, in his book “The Astrology of Transformation”, approaches astrology as a language of symbology, not physics. Remember, science needs to measure things quantitatively and qualitatively. If it cannot devise a way to measure something, it is relegated to the term pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is defined as theories methodologies, or practices that are considered to be without scientific foundation. In other words, they cannot be proven by experimentation; according to the way some scientists think. But what if the Law of Attraction is merely symbolic?

Before a coffee table became a coffee table the thought of that coffee table was in the mind of the designer. By looking at it from every angle of how it would come into being, the designer, either by himself or with the help of others, brought the idea into a thought form. Before things existed they were first thoughts. Some scientists can clearly see this, yet they still poopoo the Law of Attraction because they cannot develop an accurate way to measure it. So, like most small minded people, they throw the baby out with the bathwater and relegate the LOA to pseudoscience. I call this the Law of Distraction. Simply because one is not intelligent enough to devise a way to measure something doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to measure it. In other words, “that, which cannot be measured, according to current understanding, is dismissed.” Some scientists conveniently forget that our senses and our measuring devices, which are based on our senses, are limited. Science cannot measure beliefs and faith. Since they don’t have physical properties, they are all constructs of the mind. Many scientists forget the human passion that is necessary to create all the wonders we experience today. Passion like that of Nikola Tesla. The man who invented radio and alternating current, making it possible to communicate and receive power over long distances; in effect, bringing our world closer. He saw these things in his mind and his passion made it come about.

Politicians effectively practice the Law of Distraction. If they can make up a scenario for you to focus on long enough, they can distract you from seeing what they are really doing. Take “C Street” for example. Also, the constant commercials about writing your congressman to stop health care reform. God forbid we don’t do what the banks, insurance and pharmaceutical companies want us to do. In order to be an aware individual you must not get distracted from your focus. Don’t listen to the nay sayers, whether scientists, theologians, corporations or politicians who bait and switch the masses everyday. After watching Liz Cheney make an utter fool of herself concerning Obama’s birth certificate, I came to the conclusion that the Republican party is so desperate to distract their constituents from the truth, that they parade the former VP’s daughter around in the media. Why is she there? What civil service job has she held? Oh, that’s right; she is a blonde and speaks forcefully supporting her dad; the same dad who endorsed death squads and torture camps. And then there’s G. Gordon Liddy. Oh yeah, we can surely trust him! If they can keep you distracted long enough, they can convince you, by congressional inaction and finger pointing, that they were right! Don’t be fooled with rhetoric and distraction.

The LOD is a ploy to make you NOT look at the facts. Just because you cannot measure something doesn’t mean you cannot believe in it or have faith in it. Do you know what magnetism is? Because you don’t know what it is or how to measure it does that mean that you don’t use it? Everyday, from your clock radio to your TV, microwave and car you use magnetism. Examine the facts about the world around you and don’t get distracted by those who speak with authority and conviction in order to distract you from the truth. Stay focused and attract the best into your life by letting go of distraction.

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