Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foot in mouth syndrome

I must say the past year has been very entertaining. As countries in the world are becoming more and more aware of being a part of the global community, there are still some separatists that operate with impunity spewing hatred and vitriol. None is more popular and moronic as Glenn Beck. Each night he consistently puts his foot in his mouth with unresearched “facts” and “suppositions” that have bubbled up in his ADHD mind. His paranoia and lack of sound judgment has gone beyond being funny. He has managed to feed a base of people who vicariously release their inner frustrations through this man’s nightly dance.

It seems that poor judgment and lack of education is the hallmark of this base. Even David Frum, W’s former economic speechwriter, says “People become less Republican as they become better educated.” Hmmm. It seems that this base needs to sign up at the local community college to learn about Political Science, Philosophy and History. Something that seems to be remiss in their diatribe. Even when Jay Leno asked a recent college graduate where the pilgrims landed they responded “Buick Rock.” ??? It’s not just the lack of education it’s the lack of focus. Too much information and too many distractions can cause confusion and instability. Something that GB lives and counts on.

My question to the spiritual people out there is this: Does the behavior of Glenn Beck, in any way, emulate the behavior of Jesus? Hardly. His conversion from Catholicism to Mormonism removed some of his earlier self-imposed restrictions and gave him the strength of the periphery that drives him nightly. If you ask any theologian worth his salt, he will tell you that Mormonism is based on a “vision”, or should we say “delusion” of Joseph Smith. If you spend some time at the library you will find the history about this man and it isn’t very pretty. Like Martin Luther, Joseph Smith was a man with his own agenda. If you follow any man and his teachings that separates and segregates you from your fellow man, that should be a red flag to you that something is wrong. Jesus ate with “sinners.” He associated with the down trodden and the lesser people in his society. He rejected people like Glenn Beck (the Pharisees) and embraced the blind and sick. Yet, many quote the Bible in defense of GB. What a joke! His behavior is the fruit that he bears and that should be enough for anyone with half a brain to discern that his message is one of fear and incitement.

His take on the school children singing about Obama was answered quickly with a video of the same thing happening with George W. Bush. He wasn’t aware of that, according to his team, or was he? If he wasn’t, then he simply is a moron. If he was, then he is the worst form of manipulator and he will surely reap what he has sown. The bottom line is that he doesn’t care what fear and vitriol he spews; he is only concerned about himself and his family. If he was sincere, then why didn’t he show up at his own 9/12 rally? You see, the facts are right in your face. If you choose not to believe them, you must deal with the consequences. May God have mercy on your soul if you continue to believe such a liar.

The message that Jesus taught was simple. Love God and love your neighbor. Is this what Glenn Beck does every night? Hardly. Make the time to edify yourself and study about the truth. Go to the library and research the facts and don’t believe in the skewed opinions of delusional people. They will lead you down the road to fear, loss and a felling of lack and depression. The universe that Gods has created is boundless and abundant. Through faith in God and diligent research you can come to an understanding of the fact that we are all children of God. We are His most prized creation. He created us with a mouth to speak and feet to walk and run. Don’t end up living your life with foot in mouth syndrome. Check out the facts, make the time to educate yourself, and stop listening to morons who don’t give a damn about you or your families. Grab the reigns and take charge of your life. May God bless you.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Foolbook: Should stupidity be killed?

Recently, a Facebook poll asked respondents "Should Obama be killed?" The choices were “No, Maybe, Yes, and Yes if he cuts my health care.” As with any forum that allows people the freedom to operate under an unwritten moral code, there are sometimes going to be people who display moronic behavior and make stupid and treasonous choices. Such is the case here and the Secret Service will undoubtedly find this person and bring them to justice. The question is, “what was going through their mind when posting this poll? Was it an innocent question? Hardly. Was it a sincere quest for knowledge? Don’t think so. Or, was it meant to incite an unstable base into action? Now we’re getting warm. Ultimately, we don’t know what was going on in the mind of such an individual, but as Jesus demonstrated with the fig tree, we will know them by the fruit they bear. I nominate this person for the new site “Foolbook.” Their blatant form of stupidity should be rewarded with humiliation and serious jail time. Time to reflect on their aberrant behavior and the responsibility associated with access to swaying public opinion.

Every day my fiancĂ© and I comment to each other about the lack of focus, respect for adults and common stupidity associated with younger people we encounter. Is it that the schools have failed them? Has the government failed them? Have the failed themselves? Or, is that we, as parents and grandparents have failed to raise them with discipline and compassion? Have we ignored them and relegated their learning to electronic babysitters? Only each one of us truly knows our individual experiences in regard to the raising of our children. Is this current younger generation totally remiss in an understanding of common sense and reason, or are they simply just trying to come to grips with information overload and a daily battle in handling it. Generally, schools haven’t adequately prepared people for college or life. They teach information and ways to obtain knowledge, but fail to give students techniques in developing wisdom. Understanding is the key in converting information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. But how does one develop understanding? Through experience? Through impartation? Through osmosis? Understanding comes from a willingness to learn and a diligent search for the truth.

A fool is generally a stupid person who lacks the ability to exercise common sense and effective judgment based on the facts. As I have said many times in my articles, “Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?” Yesterday my fiancĂ© and I drove by Route 202 and Route 1 in Concordville, PA. and saw three younger people on one corner with anti-Obama health care placards and one older gentleman with an anti-abortion placard on the opposite corner. My only thought was for them to get a life. I admired their strength and belief in themselves to stand there in the rain and wave their beliefs to the passersby, but ultimately, what they were saying was NOT based on fact but on the skew and spin of their heroes and/or parties. Not to mention the fact that someone driving by might have paid too much attention to the arm waving and reading of the signs that it might have caused an accident. I know; it was just less than a mile from this spot where a drunk hit and run driver hit me last May.

My vote is that we kill stupidity. Let’s all make a concerted effort to examine the FACTS and not blindly believe the OPINIONS of others who have an agenda that we might not be aware of. Let’s make the time every day to investigate the truth and pro-act the results. Let’s move away from reacting to the opinions of others and act on the solutions that we can all help each other attain. Be willing to learn the truth and take the diligent steps to acquire it. All of us will benefit from the truth and we will not be fooled by the opinions of those who try to use us for manifesting their agendas.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Right wing Obamanation: worthy to read, but not believe

There you go again, Keith. Using tidbits to reinforce your weak and loser position. Let’s start with an analysis of your most recent commentary:

“By now there are few Americans left who remain unaware of the recently uncovered video of New Jersey school children singing songs of "praise" to President Barack Hussein Obama at the behest of one of their teachers. One must assume the video's discovery makes the use of his middle name acceptable again. Ardent liberals have chided conservatives in the past for its invocation, claiming it was employed to unfairly prejudice others against him.”

My retort to Paragraph 1: It is interesting that he uncovers one video utilizing “Hussein” and emphasizes it in the title of the article.

“It's remarkable how many have made the argument, "if that had been George W. Bush the kids were singing about, the left wing media would've gone berserk." Not that it isn’t a valid point, it is. Can one imagine the level of outrage commentators Keith Olberman or equally cretinous, foul-mouthed, leftist Joe Scarborough would have exhibited if indeed the adulation had been directed at "W"? Scarborough would no doubt have intentionally loosed the "f" word instead of the way he used it "accidentally" on live TV recently. Perhaps the applicable adage here would be, don’t try to justify bad behavior by pointing to someone else’s. Although, admittedly it does give perspective and often helps demonstrate rampant hypocrisy.”

My retort to Paragraph 2: Yes, Keith Olberrmann would have said something; after all, his team of researchers scour out the facts and not opinions like GB “researchers.” Leftist, just like you say “Racist.” Isn’t Joe Scarborough a Republican? Or did you forget to check that one out? There you go again Keith, making an ass out of yourself by ASSuming. Are you the source for determining what you call bad behavior. As for hypocrisy, you take the cake. You teach your Eschatology and political horsecrap to Jim-Bob’s who swallow it hook, line and sinker. Still a sore loser, huh? Well, hopefully you’ll get over it before you influence too many people and steer them down the path to hell. It’s amazing what some people do when they are afraid of the facts!

“There is however a more fundamental argument against this type of, dare it be said, "indoctrination." Yes that word has become wearisome with its overuse of late, but if the shoe fits... Perhaps "brainwashing" would be a better descriptive, who’s to say? A couple of things to consider putting the situation in its proper perspective; first, the office of president of the United States of America is indeed prestigious and inherently commands respect. The men who occupy it however, must earn the respect that comes with the office. Whether or not Barack Hussein Obama has earned any thus far is up to individuals to decide for themselves.”

My retort to Paragraph 3: If anyone knows brainwashing it’s you, Keith. You present your illogical arguments based on right wing religious horsecrap and package it in a palatable form for morons who don’t have the inclination to investigate your erroneous claims. You take stabs at me for my “leftist” position and cry foul when I call you and your commenters “racists”. You and your whiners are the worst form of hypocrisy because you can’t smell your own stench. As for earning the respect, Obama has. Who the hell do you think you are to be the determiner of what constitutes earning respect? After all, your discovery of the Word in 1996 has led you down a path of misinterpretation and false support for views you have only recently learned. Compare that to a lifetime of research and living the word. There is no comparison. Yet you pose the question and put it in the laps of your readers with a pronounced skew in your presentation. Again, trying to manipulate the outcome.

“Regardless of where one comes down on that matter, can one honestly believe it’s appropriate for a public school teacher to coerce children to sing songs of worship about a public official? Politicians are supposed to do a job on behalf of the constituents who "hire" them. Once accomplished, it may be fitting to laud the public servant for particular achievements, but to generally glorify an unproven leader with questionable character, less than popular policies, who constantly globe trots apologizing for America, is simply unfettered propaganda. Using impressionable children to convey the message is beyond reprehensible and only makes matter much worse.”

My retort to Paragraph 4: There you go again. Subtly presenting your “character” skew and using children to gain access to your readers soft spots. You are the worst form of manipulator, sir. And Obama is correct for apologizing for America. Your Republican war policies and reprehensible behavior toward the global community is based on lies and manipulation. Did you forget about Iraq, Afghanistan and torture perpetrated by Bush and Cheney? Convenient for your argument.

“Barack Hussein Obama cannot fairly be described as an Adolph Hitler type of leader. People should really stop using the comparison as it harms their own agenda. It is nonetheless unconscionable that the same type of mind control tactics are being used by Obama supporters, as were implemented by the Nazi regime during the 1930’s (as illustrated by the video below.)”

My retort to Paragraph 5: Mind control tactics are your obvious weapon, Mr. Whiner. Present a skewed video to back up your obviously weak position and it adds icing to the cake. Your methodology is to take the available and skew it to fit your right wing Republican religious agenda. Seek enlightenment and understanding that Christ provides and your cloak of right wing righteousness will fall to ground where it belongs.

“Palestinians use similar techniques indoctrinating their children to hate Jews and commit Jihad. There’s no comparison of course, other than methodology. Still, the New Jersey school district should atone for what they’ve done instead of expressing outrage that the video found its way into the public forum.”

As for his commenter who wants Jesus back in the schools, what makes her think that this country is just Judeo-Christian? If you want religions in school than why not all of them? We could all learn temperance and tolerance for others by embracing all forms of belief and not judging each other. Something modern day Christians use as a flag to wave. Why not wave a flag of respect and unity instead of maliciousness and derision?

As always, your comments and conclusions are welcomed. As I have stated in a previous article, I no longer read them, but you are welcome to debate my position amongst yourselves. May God bless all of you, whether you agree with me or not.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Republican Rhetoric Revealed: What the Beck?

It’s tough being a Republican watchdog. Every day new spiritually professed alliterations are spewed on the American public under the guise of what’s good for America. But what NEW ideas do the Republicans have to offer? None. Since their hero Raygun and his trickle-down policies, deregulation has caused the financial problems we are currently facing now. They keep trying to re-package the same old rhetoric and perpetrate it on the American public. The definition of insanity is to keep trying to do something the same way and expecting different results. Their obvious delay tactics in Congress are more ego centered than God centered and people centered.

Since most of the Republican representatives (and some Democrats) receive “campaign” donations and “incentives” from corporations, it is no wonder that they do whatever they can to stop health care reform. Looking out for number one. Why isn’t anybody complaining about the obvious crookedness of lobbying and buying off our representatives? This, in itself, should be illegal. It reminds me of the Catholic Church’s alignment with various governmental leaders over the course of history and the way they “suggested” certain actions that benefitted their church.

A person who is an expert at rhetoric uses exaggeration as their tool to convince others of their viewpoint. In my writings I have been accused of using rhetoric simply because my viewpoint was drastically different from that of the accusers. That, in itself, does NOT constitute rhetoric. I call it as I see it. As I have said many times, truth is relative. We all observe facts differently and arrive at different evaluations and ultimately, different judgments. If we base our evaluations and judgments on FACTS and not OPINIONS, we stand a better chance of offering a convincing argument. We all see the ‘truth” differently and reveal it in our own way. Some people have misinterpreted what I have said in my articles as putting down other people’s truths. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Only an opinion-educated mind and rhetoric addict would make that conclusion. You know who you are.

I have discovered a fantastic site that helps bring clarity to the cesspool of Republican Rhetoric. It removes the purported “spiritual” connection to their backwards policies and reveals their rhetoric in the true light of REALITY. It is Led by Kerry Martin and his team of writers, they expose Republican Right Wing Rhetoric right out of the heart of Texas yahoo country. What guts! To speak the truth from the source of the RW stench (Bush Country) and backwards thinking makes their truths even more palatable. Kerry and his fellow writers are dedicated to researching facts, watching and listening to what politicians actually say and watch dogging censorship. If you want to sift through the layers of RW B.S. this is the place to go.

I sure hope they address Mr. Beck. After Beck’s fiasco if misreading the Constitution and its fees for slavery, the people in the town of Mt. Vernon, Washington (where Beck was born) have signed a petition to stop the Mayor from giving Beck the key to the city. The mayor has refused and in so doing has secured not being elected next term. I say, why not give Beck the key to the city. Perhaps he can use it to unlock the truth instead of promulgating his ADHD rhetoric and rantings on the American public. One thing I can say about Mr. Beck, he has modeled his approach after Howard Stern. When listeners were asked why they listened to Howard Stern they replied, “We listen because we don’t know what he is going to say next.” This came from both people who liked him and hated him. This type of appeal is based on sensationalism. Ordinary people seeking extraordinary events by vicarious participation. Exactly the goal of Republican Right Wing Rhetoric. I think Wii outta pay attention! If they sold a Republican Right Wing Rhetoric game they would make a fortune!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What if the Bible didn’t exist? (Part 1)

Recently, I conducted an interview with Dr. Witless Blather from D.C. Dr. Blather is well-known for his horrendous lack of talent and insight concerning the Bible. Following is a transcript of this interview:

DAB: Good Morning, Dr. Blather. You have been accused of not making any sense about Biblical prophecy, an inability to make a cogent argument and a complete arrogance about your opinion. Yet you claim to be a voice of reason concerning Biblical interpretation. What do you have to say about these judgments?

DWB: I have read the Bible many times and I study it much deeper than most. My arguments are based on the facts in the Bible and yes, I can get arrogant over my opinion. Thank you for the compliment.

DAB: I have a question I have asked several people lately and I wish to ask this question of you. What if the Bible didn’t exist?

DWB: Interesting question. I suppose that many people in this world would be lost. They wouldn’t have anything to base their lives on and the world would decay into chaos.

DAB: Why?

DWB: There would be no testament to the lives of the Biblical heroes and we would have no way to measure our lives against them. We would have to rely on other historical documents that don’t take into account the message that the Bible conveys.

DAB: And what message would that be?

DWB: That Jesus Christ is Lord.

DAB: Is that the only message the Bible conveys?

DWB: No, it conveys the lives, situations and problems that the Biblical heroes overcame by trusting in God.

DAB: I would like to ask you about particular aspects of the Bible. The Bible had originally been communicated mouth to mouth and then written down by man. It survived several translations that didn’t take geographic idioms, language nuances and agenda settings into account. How do respond to that?

DWB: That’s true. However, the Bible’s message is defined by Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. Basically, the Bible in its entirety is directly from the mouth of God and that one attains eternal life through faith in God and not by one’s works. It is indisputable.

DAB: Why is it indisputable?

DWB: Because of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. No one has the right to dispute the holy word of God.

DAB: Says who?

DWB: God.

DAB: But man wrote down the supposed word of God. Don’t you take into account that man is notorious for amending concepts and ideas to suit his needs?

DWB: Yes, man did write down the word of God but God inspired him to write it down. Yes, I suppose it is possible for anyone who received inspiration from God to change its message, but the message has survived for several millennia.

DAB: Who decided that Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide were valid?

DWB: Martin Luther came to the awareness that the interpretation of the individual believer, and not the Catholic Church, was the only true religious authority. This was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. He also said that one who appears to have faith and does not do good works never had faith at all!

DAB: That appears to be a circular argument. Wasn’t Martin Luther a person that hated the Jews for killing Christ? This seems contradictory to the message that Jesus taught.

DWB: Yes, he believed that the Jews should be relegated to having their properties and assets seized and should be treated as the least in the community. This was taken to the extreme by the Nazis.

DAB: So, let’s get this straight. Many Protestants believe two doctrines that were originated by a man with hatred in his heart; a man who decided that the Bible is the sole authority of God’s word and that faith in God is the sole way to eternal life. Something doesn’t seem right here. More to come…

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What’s your favorite whine?

All of us have something that happens every day that we don’t like. We might not like the way someone looked or reacted to us, the politics or religion of someone else or the results we have obtained at the end of the day. We have choices in regards to whether we react, do nothing or pro-act. If we react, we either run away from the problem or we attack it head on. If we do nothing, we either give ourselves the time necessary to evaluate or we tread water. If we pro-act, we evaluate the situation and find the best solution to the problem that is beneficial for everyone. Reaction comes in many forms. If we are the type of person who is aggressive we might choose immediately to fight a particular viewpoint or circumstance. If we are more passive, we might choose to remove ourselves from a person whose viewpoint we feel is erroneous. Doing nothing allows us the time to evaluate a situation and delay the necessary action we eventually need to take. For example, making the time for effective research about a particular subject to learn the FACTS and not just the OPINIONS of others. However, if we tread water long enough our spiritual “arms” and “legs” become tired. Procrastination in making an evaluation and delivering the subsequent actions can cause internal stress and physical maladies. Pro-acting affords us the best solution in that we take the time to evaluate a situation and not judge those involved in the situation.

Facts are observed or sensed things that actually exist or that have happened in the real world. Opinions are personal views, beliefs or judgments that provide certainty in conclusions for an individual as a result of observing facts. A person’s perspective and pre-conceived notions have a great deal to do with how they will arrive at their opinions. If they are at all confused about their opinions of the facts, they might procrastinate making a decision either hoping to achieve more clarity about the situation, or wishing that it would just go away. The latter is definitely fooling oneself. Situations and problems occur in our lives in order for us to grow and expand. It challenges our comfort zone and affords an opportunity for us to gain a greater perspective.

Evaluation of the facts requires us to utilize our senses in an organized fashion in order to see the balanced picture. In other words, a snapshot of reality. Judgment involves us to take the evaluations we have perceived and to create an opinion. Only through judgment can we see the validity or invalidity of the facts as we perceive them. If you feel powerless to act on your judgments you might retreat into your inner sanctum or start to whine about how things are. Whiners cry loud enough to force their opinions on those who don’t agree and seek those who agree with them in order to validate their opinions. Whining comes from uneasiness, discontentment and self-pity. In other words, a loser mentality.

What is your favorite whine? Is it because you think that our government is turning socialist and your opinion is based on others’ opinions and not the facts? Is it because you are lily white and you cannot take the fact that an African-American is president? Is it because you have read the Bible and it tells you we are coming to the end times and we need to be ready? Or is it because you just didn’t get your way? Was your ego so dominant that you couldn’t handle the FACT that most of the people in this country are tired of wars, hunger and corporate lies about health care reform and they want a positive change? It isn’t all about you, ya know. It’s about all of us. To the whiners out there, quit your whining. If you feel we need to go in a different direction then present a plan that involves incentives for people MORE than for corporate rape. Be a part of the solution instead of whining about it. Stop listening to morons who make up “facts” and see conspiracies in just about everything. Use the brain God has given you and be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glenn Beck’s day of atonement

Yom Kippur. The most important of Jewish holidays with emphasis on repentance and atonement for one’s sins against man and God. Fasting begins the night before (sundown is the beginning of the Jewish day) and carries on for a 25 hour period (September 27, 2009). After God determines the fate of each person for the coming year on Rosh Hashanah (last Friday, September 18, 2009), He seals his decision on Yom Kippur. As you can imagine, a most holy day for practicing Jews. No to be undone, Loose Lips Beck decided, in his miniscule brain, that he would declare a day of fasting and atonement for our country. Declaring the 9/12 March a must do he didn’t even show up at the event. He must have missed his dose of Prozac and Aderral for his ADHD condition. His neurons began firing at such a rapid rate that he must have felt the guilt for blatantly lying to the American people and felt that he needed to atone. But hey, why not make everyone atone and get great press in the process. What a sensationalist! Even Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, says that Glenn Beck’s statements about race are generating hate amongst us and the Republicans need to distance themselves from him as fast as they can. Mike Barnicle of Morning Joe said GB is heading downward fast! Cut him loose!

So, let’s give GB the benefit of the doubt. He feels that he needs to help people understand what is truly going on. That, in itself, is admirable. I can imagine what he feels after lifting himself out of alcoholism and trying to manage his time with other activities. Activities that make him a great deal of money. But at what expense? As Keith Olbermann and now Joe Scarborough have said, that if GB incites his unstable followers to do anything, he is ultimately responsible. Wouldn’t therapy be a better outlet than inciting an unstable base to do things like camp out with cameras and automatic weapons at as military base and look for FEMA camps? Oh, I guess not. Just like Rupert Murdoch would say, “Argh.” Enough is enough people. When will you begin really looking at the issues and stop listening to sensationalists and morons! In Beck’s case, he has brought a new definition to the term moron.

Megalomaniac- obsessed with doing extravagant things and marked by delusions of greatness.

Ostentatious- tendencies to pretentious and conspicuous displays to impress others.

Reprehensible- all too deserving of rebuke and blame.

Oligarchous- or should we say OLIGARHY? A form of government where the dominant clique rules (Fixed Noise’s unfair and unbiased view of the news? LOL!)

Numbskull- a stupid person; a person who knows better but still insists that he’s right when he knows he isn’t.

Basically a moron who is a person who lacks good judgment. One who clearly sees the fact that if he takes the step forward the rake will hit him in the face? He knows this, but takes the step anyway. Boy that accurately describes Mr. Beck. Don’t you think it’s about time for Mr. Beck to atone for HIS sins? How dare he interrupt a high holy day of the Jews for his own agenda! Is it because he is a Mormon and there is an inherent lack of respect for the Jews within that church? Is it because he down deep inside wants to atone for his lies that he nightly perpetrates on the uninformed? Is it the medication or lack thereof that fires his neurons in a convoluted manner? Or is it the fact that he sees the rake and steps on it anyway? You decide. Pray for the enlightenment of GB and maybe, just maybe, God will answer our prayers.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wimerwhiners, Part 2

Welcome to the new blog solely dedicated to the opposition of right wing blogger Keith Wimer of I am the Spirituality examiner for and became exposed to Mr. Wimer’s blog during the summer of 09. Mr. Wimer’s bio states the following:”Keith became a follower of the Christian faith in 1996 and since then has carefully read the Bible cover to cover many times. In addition to general Bible study, Keith has perused the texts of other world religions (including the Qur'an) with an emphasis on attaining an understanding of how the topic of "eschatology" -- understood to mean the study of so-called "end times" -- varies therein. Over the past ten years, Keith has read nearly a hundred books presenting various positions on eschatology. Additionally, he has deliberated at length upon such topics as cosmology, evolutionary theory, and Christian apologetics.” In his 13 short years of religious studies he has come to a unique right wing perspective of the universe as a whole. Wow! 13 years. How impressive! Hogwash. This person has manipulated and directed his readership to a space where they have no clue of the truths hidden within the Bible and the Qur'an. When you study anything with a pre-conceived notion, you will always find things that will support your position.

Eschatology is the study of the end times. Throughout human history we have had eschatological theories perpetrated upon believers in order to keep believers in line with a religious group’s beliefs. It is the preaching of fear by fear mongerers. Playing to his right wing base, Mr. Wimer, article after article, supports right wing nuts like Glenn Beck. And no wonder. As I say in the tag line of this blog, “A blog dedicated to refuting the erroneous claims by the right wing blogger and Glenn Beck supporter Keith Wimer. His brand of inciting his unstable base needs to be countered by intelligence and forthright opinion.” After experiencing the wrath of Mr. Wimer’s commenters, I assure you, they are unstable. I have collated their inciteful (misspelling intentional) comments for any reader who would like to view them. Just leave a comment with your email and I will forward them to you. Why? Because we need to see and understand that there are unstable people in this world who will go to any length to assert their position; i.e. going to town halls with handguns. These people are uninformed, blind and self-righteous about their position and listen to morons like Mr. Wimer.

This blog is the result of the whining of Mr. Wimer. After an article I wrote entitled, “Wimerwhiners, Part 1, Mr. Wimer reported me to the Examiner claiming that I was not being professional in my attacks on his ludicrous position. I was informed by the Examiner that it was inappropriate for me to attack another examiner and they refused to re-post my article. They removed the article and I have re-posted it here as Wimerwhiners: Part 1. In this article I list the points where I agree with Mr. Wimer. In fact, the tone of the article is not egregious at all. Yet, it was taken down by the editors of the Examiner. I was taught to respect someone in their house and I replied to my section leader with a notice that I would respect his wishes. However, since Mr. Wimer has gotten away with spewing his vitriol against me with impunity, I have had no choice but to acquire a new piece of virtual real-estate, this blog, in which to refute his erroneous claims. Mr. Wimer’s form of self-righteous indignation is dangerous at best. I would like to thank the Examiner for the professional manner in which they handled the debate between Mr. Wimer and I, however, the fact remains that he has whined and cried at the fact that I caught him in his lies and he can’t take it. I say to him; if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. I am not the only one who has caught Mr. Wimer in his lies. Please visit Kerry Martin at and read his words. Compare his 13 years of research with my lifetime of living and studying the Word and there is no comparison. Yet, he sits on his self-appointed throne of readership with his court jesters saying yes to his every word without investigating where his word came from. This is the worst form of truth-bating and those who follow it are doomed to a life of ignorance and fate.

Those who preach fear will reap fear. Please, read the fear of his followers as they spew their support for a person who does not completely research his findings; just like his hero Glenn Beck. In article after article he uses Biblical references to support his weak conservative position without any care to the fact that he is inciting and unstable base of people who don’t research the Bible and who blindly take his word for what it means. This is the most dangerous form of posturing and that is why I have created this blog. As time permits, I will examine and respond to his blitherings here in order to challenge and enlighten those who seek the truth and not conservative white-washing. Welcome to a blog where a debate is welcome and censorship is not allowed. Speak you mind whether you agree with me or not. And here you won’t have to worry about Mr. Wimer’s whining. It will NOT influence the outcome of this blog.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wimerwhiners: Part 1

I have been anxiously waiting to begin this series on those commenters who frequent Keith Wimer’s column on Religion & Politics, as well as the refutation of Mr. Wimer’s eschatological conclusions based the Bible, Nostradamus, et. al. Something of this magnitude requires a significant amount of time digging in the dirt, so to speak, but the fruits of my labors will expose the eschatology for the sensationalism that it truly represents; sensationalism based on fear. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. You can anthropomorphize the duck to the Nth degree, but in the light of reality you will see an animal that paddles with its feet and dives for its food.
In his article entitled “Glenn Beck: a chink in the armor” Mr. Wimer asserts that Glenn (Watsamatta U) Beck’s “unflinching promotion of traditional American values” through “incisive and well-researched interviews” makes him “worthy of a degree of admiration.” This is laughable at best since Mr. Beck takes facts and creates conspiracies like speed freaks read FBI marching orders on the oblique in daily newspaper columns. With any set of facts one can read just about any agenda into anything. Glenn Beck is a master at this! Mr. Wimer continues his discourse on John Hagee, the end of days clown who has repeatedly proclaimed the end of the world without success. Keith correctly pins down John Hagee for his “scandalous past” and Glenn Beck for being “responsible for the content of his program.” Whether Beck’s staff “didn’t bother to check the man’s credentials or didn’t find them germane” is my case in point. Jesus said emphatically that “no one will know” the end of days. Since we are “no one”, then it is safe to assume none of us will know.
Mr. Wimer further asserts, correctly, Hagee’s interpretations of current events into signs of the coming apocalypse as “hogwash.” I will go one step further and assert that St. John’s vision of The Revelation of Jesus Christ as being nothing but delusions of a sick and dying man trying to instill fear on those who had persecuted him. What better way to get even with those who were more powerful physically and politically than him; if this were not the case, then why was he hiding out in a cave on the Isle of Patmos in 90 C.E.? Just as I challenge the visions of Joseph Smith of Moses and Jesus I challenge the vision of St. John the Beloved. Science teaches you that if you cannot prove something by re-creating an experiment, then it cannot be accepted as fact; whether written authoritatively or not. Mr. Wimer continues with Biblical assertions made by some Christians which don’t have any basis in the written word. His points are as follows:
  1. “A future uber-evil leader of a one world government (a.k.a. New World Order, a.k.a. "Revived Roman Empire") commonly referred to as the Antichrist. (Nope)
  2. A future seven year tribulation period. (Not to be found)
  3. Nuclear warfare. The battles fought in the Bible, especially the one that is supposed to happen at the climax of human history, Armageddon, are all fought with ancient weaponry, e.g. bows, arrows, swords, men on horseback, etc. hence each has already happened in the PAST!
  4. Israel becoming a nation again, the temple being rebuilt therein, the reinstitution of the sacrificial system, as in animal sacrifices. (The Bible is eerily silent about these matters)
  5. A future seven year tribulation period. (Not to be found)
  6. A multi-stage second (or third) advent of Christ, inaugurated by this made up thing called "the rapture". (Nope, it can’t be found in the Bible either)
  7. Christ reigning from a throne in Jerusalem (Uh, sorry, look as you dare, you won’t find it)
  8. Modern day geopolitical sovereignties such as Russia, China, Iran. (Hello? Simply not there)”
Mr. Wimer’s above points are correct according to my research. However, inferences to #8 are debatable due to some scholars’ assertions that the Tribes of Israel and their descendants are manifested in European, Middle-Eastern and Asiatic countries. As for dispensationalism, God relates to human beings as his most prized creation. His message has been the same since the beginning of our time on this planet; it is how we perceive it that has changed. Mr. Wimer states that “Christianity seems imbecilic to those who don’t already understand its simple straightforward meaning.” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Wimer focuses his attention on “those who misappropriate the teachings in order to line their own pockets and otherwise muddy the waters for personal reasons.” We agree. So far, so good. Not for long, however. His last statement reflects both John Hagee and Glenn Beck to a tee! More to come…
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You lie! oh yeah, section 246

It is better to remain silent, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. A wise saying that all Wimerwhiners should adhere to. In regards to Congressman Jim-Bob of South Carolina’s blurting out to the President. Not only was this a major faux pas, but one based on NO facts. It takes a simple reading of HR3200, Section 246 to view the language in regard to illegal aliens. Section 246 reads, "NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States." Why doesn’t Congressman Jim-Bob step up to the plate and admit that he is a racist? This 9/12 March on Washington that claimed over a million people in attendance used Photoshopped photographs to give the “appearance” of more people than were there. It was accurately estimated at 75,000 by the Fire Department. And Glenn Beck states that a university, that he can’t remember the name of (Watsamatta U?), stated 1.7 million. How many people were in attendance at Obama’s Inauguration? About 2 million. What a difference! The placards about “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” were not only in poor taste, but based on lies and inaccuracies promulgated by racists who won’t accept that an election of a black man took place last November 4th. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be white, and this is one of those times.
The difference is obvious after the election of 2000. George W. Bush became the first duly selected President of the United States. Selected by right wing Supreme Court justices when Al Gore had clearly won. Yet, Al Gore had the sense and loyalty to this country to step aside for the greater good of maintaining order and peace. What are these 9/12 morons doing? Not reading, not listening and most of all, choosing to believe rhetoric and gossip over the facts as they stand. A simple reading would make them aware. But when was the last time that most of these people even read a book? A newspaper? A blog? Well, a group of voiceover artists got together and donated their time to reading the bill into an audio format that these people could listen to it, if they choose not to read it. Will they listen to it? I doubt it. They are so entrenched in their racism and hatred against blacks that their lily white faces are turning redder by the second. Get over yourself and your antiquated beliefs and accept what the majority of the country has chosen. I was not happy when the Supreme Court selected Bush, but I dealt with it. All 8 years of lies, control, domination, manipulation and stepping on of our rights. Especially, the Patriot Act. What an offense to all Americans! Fascism flourished and intelligence diminished.

Then the 9/12er’s counter with, “we are not racists; we don’t want big spending and government takeover!” Well then, where were you when W. and Cheney rode heard over our budget and took a Clinton surplus and converted it into a W. deficit? Nowhere to be found. You were happy that there was a lily white Christian cowboy in the office and no matter what he did you could blindly trust him. Revel in your moronic behavior because you are violating what Jesus had taught all of us. Follow the commandments. Follow the Beatitudes. If you would take the time to read them and embrace what they say, you would then know that the behaviors and loudness of the 9/12er’s come from hate and NOT love. Dispute that one, Wimerwhiners! BTW, the Bible is available on CD audio as well.
Your acid test is WWJD. Or should we say, what DID Jesus do. Jesus said “And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's (Luke 20:25). Are the 9/12er’s following this simple rule? Does their anger that is being fomented by a paranoid psychotic big mouth named Glenn Beck justify their behavior? Not by a long shot. Respect what Jesus has told you to respect and you will receive the respect you give. If you base your behaviors on racial prejudice and lack of intelligence, then you will reap your reward of frustration and anger. God ahead, make your day one of hatred and anger. Share the love of Christ with red in your eyes and red on your neck. See where that will get you.
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9/12: fear at its peak

From the smell of burgers on the grill at tailgating parties to the mall in D.C., many gathered to proclaim the mantra, “I want my country back!” And exactly what is their country? A country that, until recently, most of the world hated and despised for its infiltration into the societies of the world and its manipulation of their governments and economies. In essence, Big Brother. Yet the war paint of the old government fans and their louder and louder yelling doesn’t change the fact that our country has changed. People who have studied world history have finally gotten to the point where they see that we are no longer an island unto ourselves, but part of a global community. The founding fathers of our Constitution, mostly Deists, knew that the Constitution had to be a dynamic document. One that could be amended and modified to suit our growth and the times in which we would live. Not a static rag that would putrefy knowledge, growth and wisdom. Flexibility is the key to transition. Rigidity causes attitudes and behaviors to break instead of bend. Yet, with NRA placards in hand and a full metal jacket, those who want to defend our old way of life rise up and march on Washington.

With Bibles in hand they proclaim a way of life that has caused injury and insult to many peaceful people who want to be integrated into a global community. The same mindset that raided the lands of the Native Americans and called them heathens. Peaceful and sharing people who welcomed the settlers with open arms and shared our national holiday of Thanksgiving. People who were open to sharing the land, not raping it. Even if these 9/12er’s were taught the true history, they would still deny it based on the loudest of their leaders’ skew on the facts. Why? Because their leaders are right? Hardly! Because it fits into their pre-conceived agenda of control, domination and manipulation; the American way. Or should I say the redneck American way. In full regale the yahoos led by Jim Bobs marched on D.C. proclaiming an anti-socialist agenda and to make a statement. Over a million strong availed themselves of the right to demonstrate; in full view of the Congress and the President. This wouldn’t have happened in the Bush Administration, for they would have been relegated to demonstrating miles away.

With mantras like, “I want my America back”, many marched with self-righteous indignation like they “own” this country. What about the rest of us who want a better life? Are our opinions of no matter? Leaders who want power for themselves rule with control, domination and manipulation. They spin the facts to suit their needs and get even with those who disagree with them. They smear anyone who offers another opinion. If an opinion stands up to logic, based on facts, then it is worth debating. When conclusions about facts are embraced by people as true, it must stand up to scrutiny under the microscope. Also, it must be seen in a collective light as well. The Christian question is WWJD? Yet, many of these self-righteous 9/12er’s spin that question to defend a way of life that has hurt, moreover than helped, many people in the world.

The bottom line is that the 9/12er’s are preaching FEAR. Did Jesus preach fear? He preached obedience to God and respect for your fellow man. Not to take a position and posture yourself so that your viewpoint is right, whether it stands up to scrutiny or not. Remember the line he drew in the sand? Do most of you know what that idiom means? Have you taken the time to investigate the message of love and faith that Jesus taught? Or are you taking the easy way out and joining a mob of fear and defense based on an antiquated outlook of separatism? Are you enforcing fear at its peak like the Glenn Beck’s of the world or are you contributing to the growth and prosperity of your community? You decide. The facts are right in front of your face. Will you ignore them or support them? It’s up to you.

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Granny and the intercessor

After a relaxing weekend I decided to read some R&P articles. I needed a good laugh and Mr. Whiner sure knows how to give you one. My “esteamed” (misspelling intentional) colleague raises the bar when it comes to non-sense and rhetoric. One of his readers, Frankly Speaking, left an interesting comment: “Keith Wimer is the best cut and paste man working on the internet today. He believes that Glenn Beck was sent here on a mission from God to push the Conservative agenda forward. He agrees with people on his site that condemned Ted Kennedy to hell the day after he died. He is one confused Christian indeed.” Hmmm. Interesting. Frankly speaking, I found Mr. Whiner’s behavior “inexcusable.” Oh, he tried to back pedal in his second article on Ted Kennedy, only to take the cowardly way out and quote a Catholic priest with his own agenda to reinforce his position. His take on Ted Kennedy is like Sarah Palin’s “kill granny” theory of “death panels.” He elevates himself to the position of intercessor between you and God. He then rants about comments against Glenn Beck as being libelous. As Kerry Martin from says, Keith needs a dictionary! It's not libel if it's the truth.”

Then comes his take on judgment. Judgment means to form and opinion in an objective, authoritative and wise manner. Judgment depends on a person’s evaluation of the facts. Evaluation means to set the value or significance of something after you examine the facts. Mr. Whiner states my “continued efforts to shame, denigrate, and assail the character of this column and its author, through his own writings. The consensus by the majority has been, invectives such as these aren’t worth dignifying.” How convenient. My evaluation of the facts came to one conclusion. Mr. Whiner wasn’t there at Ted Kennedy’s accident, and therefore had no idea as to what had truly happened. He then claims I judged him for that with Aren’t folks who reprimand others for passing judgment, not in fact themselves passing judgment on those they deem "judgmental"? The absolute apex of hypocrisy is for one to accuse another of something they are so blatantly guilty of themselves, whether one recognizes or willingly acknowledges one's own duplicity or not. This is the greater principle the preceding anecdote seeks to edify one and all with.” My evaluation of your actions is completely correct. My judgment is of no consequence, sir. That one you will have to deal with when you meet your maker. Mr. Whiner’s above statement doesn’t hold water when one examines the facts. The apex of ego and hypocrisy comes from anyone who assumes they KNOW what God’s judgment is and inflicts it on another human being. That is NOT our job!

Then, there are his readers. After leaving many insidious comments about me and my character, I decided to wipe my comments and start the slate clean. My choice, my decision, my right. Again, Mr. Whiner’s whiners complained to high heaven with one even threatening to hack into’s servers to retrieve the comments. And these are stable minds? One of his commenters said, “Bringing your daughter into this out of the blue was about as low life as this piece of human garbage can get!!! What an A**hole.” The fact is I referenced his position on TK and asked him what his daughter would think if she knew that he was judging another human being without the facts. I said nothing derogatory about his daughter at all. This is the mindset of these right wing nuts. Attack the person, not the truth that they are saying. Distract the focus from the issues and the truth. Another commenter, Mike Litoris, is such a coward that he uses a play on words that identify a woman’s genitalia to identify himself. In reference to me he says, “He is obviously so envious of your ability to write and reason circles around him, that he has nothing left to offer but personal and highly inaccurate professional attacks on you and YOUR quality work.” There is nothing farther from the truth. I would rather have one reader that I reach with the truth than to have my readers act like such childish morons as Mr. Litoris. To be envious of someone you have to desire what they have. I can assure you, there is nothing that Mr. Whiner has that I want! I have read the Bible cover to cover like him many times and we both see different things. Our major difference is that I don’t buy his eschatological horsecrap. I guess Mr. Whiner was a fly on the wall in the cave on the Isle of Patmos in 90 C.E. when St. John wrote the Revelation.

Here is the bottom line. Anyone who listens to fear and acts on it has not developed his character to lead other individuals. Glenn Beck is one prime example. Anyone who follows him is unstable at best. As Penn of Penn & Teller said, “If God told you to kill your child and you said no, then you are an Atheist. If you said yes, then you are dangerous and stay away from me.” Those who teach and practice faith in God and NOT fear of God are the true leaders in Christ. Not those who preach doom and gloom and the end of the world. Those are the people who don’t have a clue of the mission of human life on this planet. May God bless them in their ignorance.

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God is NOT a hater, but Glenn Beck is!

I feel especially qualified to make this statement after I conducted my experiment for the past three weeks. After collating my results and reading the comments for the final time, I truly realized how delusional, moronic and infantile most of the negative commenters were. I want to thank Keith Wimer, Religion and Politics Examiner for directing his readers to view my articles and decide for themselves. They made the snake pit quite interesting with their intelligent comments like, “this guy is full of crap.” What an intelligent comment! Their participation allowed my experiment to be rich and full of non-diversity and hate talk. Talk about opinionated and closed minded! Kind of makes you wonder about those with such a weak position who call themselves Christians. I now fully understand the hatred that is taught by Glenn Beck.

In Keith’s article, Glenn Beck facing leftist limbo, Keith states the following; “Limbo, as in the popular song and dance; question is, "how low can they go?" Hypocrisy, callousness, malice, and outright LIBEL from leftist propagandists have, can it be said, finally answered that question. Of course one daren’t set the low mark just yet. One thing seemingly inevitable, when it appears these loony radicals couldn’t possibly get any baser, they jerk an all new falsehood from their collective sphincter. Perhaps it’s appropriate the aforementioned 50’s party fad was based on a Trinidad funeral dance. Allegorically speaking, today’s "leftist limbo" does appear to signal the imminent death of civil discourse amongst those who disagree with each other. Incidentally, it had been decided that Glenn Beck was going to take a hiatus from this column for a spell to examine some other issues, but extremist scoundrels have thrown the gauntlet and to not denounce their madness would be ethically wrong.”

Well Mr. Whiner, excuse me, Wimer, I had such a good laugh over this one! I guess that I am one of the “extremist scoundrels” you mentioned. It would be ethically wrong for me not to say something about your apparent lack of intelligence in regards to this issue, in my opinion. The readers you sent me commented at such a low it was amazing. Civil discourse for them is verbal pollution. As for libel, when you are public figure and make statements there is no libel when someone calls you a moron; especially when you suffer from ADHD, display a dry drunk attitude and simply find conspiracies in everything. As for you and your readers‘ collective sphincter, as you call it, it’s the same old song. I won’t attempt to denounce you and your readers’ madness, I will just LOL! And you and your readers call yourselves Christians and Godlike? What a joke. You wouldn’t know compassion and understanding if it hit you over the head. Are you finding sickles and plow shares in any Wilmington government or banking buildings much like your hero GB is finding at Rockefeller Center (incidentally where the Fox News is located)?

I carried on a dialogue recently with Father Jacob, a Catholic priest. He insisted to me that God hates. God hates? What a moronic conclusion. God has created everything in this universe. We are His most prized creation. Who are the haters? People are, not God! Glenn Beck is so full of himself and the fact that he preaches to morons every night that his ego is out of control. This man, in my opinion, is a hater and needs serious mental help! What’s next?  As Chris Matthews says, “Fox News is constant verbal incitement.” Incitement that affects people like the lily white Jim Bob at a town hall that kept interrupting a woman in a wheel chair who was only trying to tell her story. People who believe communistic and socialistic threats from morons who don’t even know the meanings of the words. If it didn’t push people to bringing guns to town halls it might be just simply funny. But it isn’t. It’s simply hate and fear mongering.

Want to be a hater? Want to deny what Christ tried to teach you? Then keep listening to the Beck’s, Hannity’s, Limbaugh’s and O’Reilly’s of the world. Nothing but sore losers! If you want to truly make a difference, then follow the principles in the Beatitudes that were stated in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric of haters, liars and manipulators! They are on a path to destruction, no constructive dialogue and a life of fear and lack. God has created an abundant and loving universe. When you seek that, it will come to you. When you live hatred, it will come to you as well. Which will you choose?

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Venom and the snake pit

Several weeks ago I wrote an article on the town hall meeting disruptors. The onslaught of commenters favoring Glenn Beck was like a tsunami; quick to judge and laying out mass destruction. I decided to walk a mile in Mr. Beck’s shoes and respond to his supporters as negatively as I possibly could. Since it takes about three weeks to form a habit and about three weeks to break one, I decided to conduct an experiment over the next three week period. I decided to level the commenters with insults, question their validity and be as acerbic and nasty as GB is. Mr. Beck cloaks his insults in niceties, but the result is the same. He gets you to doubt something to further his weak position. Why? To sell advertising. It’s not working, Glenn! At this point he has lost 57 advertisers. That speaks volumes!

Three weeks were up yesterday and as a result, I have been called a hater, a dumbass, a liar, a moron, ignorant, stupid, uninformed,  unqualified, Anti-Mormon and on my way to hell. It is interesting when you push people’s buttons how they react. Wanting to be fair, I chose to respond to the commenters. I discovered that not only did it take up a great deal of time, it was stressful and hurtful; not just to myself, but my family as well. When you jump into the snake pit and spew venom repeatedly, it takes its toll. Since yesterday was the conclusion of my experiment, I am relieved to begin pro-acting again instead of reacting.

When people learn something and emotionalize it, it becomes real to them. No matter what anyone else says, they will choose to believe what they are convicted to believe. The snake pit of commenters is like a trip to virtual hell. It is place where everyone is trying to make his opinion known and correct and saying the hell with what anyone else says. This venom wells up from their spirit and spits out at others with such velocity that it burns the recipient, but ultimately, it hurts the person who spews it more. As I have said in my past articles, if you believe something, test it. Conduct experiments to test the validity of your convictions. In the snake pit, there are attacks and anger, as well as compliments and kudos. However, entering the daily sparring match can not only take away precious time from your family; it can have a deleterious effect on your mind, body and spirit.

I have led an absolutely wonderful life. God has blessed me immensely with a large family, great friends and a joyful spirit. During my 20’s and 30’s I was a recording and touring musician. I progressed into recording engineering and production in audio and video. Currently, I design and market websites and multimedia productions. I am quite busy with my work and I simply don’t have the time and energy to live in the snake pit. I have, and will continue to speak my mind on subjects that I have studied and learned about; much to the dismay of some commenters. I know who I am. Do they? Living in the snake pit and spewing venom has become a way of life for them. That is their choice. One particular commenter has a fascist like hit list where he discloses Anti-Mormons to the world. His delusional behavior and self-aggrandizement is indicative of a very sick mind. Is his faith in his religion so weak that he has to attack and label anyone who disagrees with his church? He has challenged me to produce my credentials, yet refuses to declare his.

I know what I have done and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. He feels that I have announced my credentials in my bio because I want to prove to the world that I am an authority. The truth of the matter is that is what asked for and they put it in my bio. During my undergraduate studies in psychology, philosophy, religious history and computer science, I concurrently attended seminary school. We studied in depth the world’s religions, comparative gospels and I wrote a dissertation on ancient religions. I graduated from UCS, a Los Angeles based seminary school in 1985 and the school closed in 1989. During my studies I had to learn Aramaic (Hebrew), Koine Greek, geographic idioms, language nuances and the re-translations of the Bible by the Catholics into Latin. It was fascinating to learn about how some of the things that we have been taught are totally erroneous. Prior to college I had spent most of my child and teen life attending Pentecostal churches. I learned the Bible inside and out. But there was more I needed to learn; hence my attending seminary school.

My good friend and confidante Pastor Dr. Benjamin “Twin B.” Brown relayed a story to me about the situation concerning the Anti-Mormon accusations. He said that if you throw a brick into a pack of dogs, the one that gets hit is the one that yelps the loudest. How true! Greg West, whom I refer as the Anti-Mormon hater (I guess the brick had hit him), disputes my credentials and surely goes out of his way to include me on his Anti-Mormon hit list. This is a form of fascism, and his Mormon cronies don’t seem to like it. The tell me to look it up. I know what it means. They need to look it up. I call it as I see it. And this man questions my spirituality? Why, because I reacted fervently against his hatred and lies? I have had many years of experience with the Mormons. Having attended one of their wards for several years and having to deal with their incessant meddling into my private family affairs, I decided to leave their controlling, dominating and manipulating philosophies of life. After I left, I spent years investigating exactly who Joseph Smith was and what he was all about. I will be doing a series on them in the near future.

My best friend says that I can’t stop the birds from flying over my head but I can prevent them from making a nest in my hair. As for the snake pit, I am done. In fairness to the commenters and their right to comment, I will allow their new comments to appear if they decide to write them. They can fight amongst themselves if they so choose. I will be removing all of the comments currently there to wipe the slate clean and start anew. I will not be entering the snake pit anymore to read any of the comments. Post your hatred and disagreement if you like and if it is obscene and racial and it is reported, I will remove it. I have a great life and I choose to live it without animosity, stress and strife. Furthermore, if anyone tries to email me with negativity I will summarily block their addresses. I will continue to speak my mind on a variety of spiritual subjects, analyzing religions and what they teach people as well as the beauty of being one with God. If you don’t like what I say, then go somewhere else to learn more or spread your hatred. I challenge you to NOT read my articles. Only read them if you want to learn about where your accepted beliefs came from and how they have been manifested in today’s world. Don’t be like the Greg West’s of the world who’s insecurity in their own religion and their desire to enlist other’s attacks on people who disagree with him causes them to resort to fascism and hatred. I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone with my retorts. My goal was to get you to think. If you choose not to, then it is on you. Challenge your beliefs daily to learn the truth. May God bless you and your families now, and forever.

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The religious right: sore losers and bible abusers

The recent onslaught of right wing holier than thous preaching to me has been most amusing. One particular reader, Greg West, has added me to an Anti-Mormon hit list for his constituents. Hmmm. Sounds fascist, doesn’t it? What does that mean? Will I be denied a loan? Do I have to keep watch for skinny tied young men on bicycles? Must I look over my shoulders or have my cable cut off? Mr. West begins by trying to poke holes in my credentials and then getting into my family business, just like I stated to a Mormon commenter about MY experience with the Mormon Church. He claims that because I attacked Glenn Beck, who is Mormon, that I am attacking all Mormons. What a small mind! In his quest to diminish me, he has reinforced my argument. Maybe I should make up a list of anti-spirituality people and post that on the Internet; no, I’m not a fascist like Mr. West.
And what about the right wing sore losers? They have claimed to be the “sleeping giant” yet my assertion is that the real sleeping giant was awakened and acted last November 4, 2008. This was one of the most important times in our history, because the people spoke loudly about how they were tired of the good ole boy network of corporate rapists, crooked politicians and self-serving mercenaries. The people have spoken and no matter how much rhetoric is yelled loudly at town halls, no matter how many would-be pageant contestants spread hate and lies and no matter how many holier than thous writhe in pain, finally, the voice of the people will be heard. Let’s face it; the days of making a fortune off the other guy’s hard work are on their way out. People are finally really listening to what Christ said and following his tenets and principles. No, it will not happen overnight; but it WILL happen. People are tired of being abused by big business, government and self-righteous haters.
Now, here comes the fun part. The Bible abusers. Those holier than thous who beat their Bibles or beat you over the head with their Bibles. Especially those with the Bible AND the Book of Mormon. I think it’s funny, that if you take the “C” that Glenn Beck left out of oligarchy, and add it to the name of the Angel Moroni, it spells “MORONIC.” That’s why he left out the “C!” He didn’t want to reveal his true nature! Nice try, Glenn. Those who abuse or bastardize God’s word are the worst kind of morons. God has given us a set of rules to obey and follow, yet, through many years of mistranslations and agenda fulfilling, the Bible has been made into a vehicle to whip game on others. It was NOT intended for that. Jesus laid out specifically our attitudes to be. Read them and take time to absorb what they mean. Then, go and read or view the hatred spewed by Greg West and Glenn Beck and tell me that they are following Christ. Hardly.
The Bible is our guide to live a blessed life. Each book for each major religion is their guide for life. Jesus said for us to follow the “SPIRIT” of the law and not the letter of the law. When any man makes what is written down more important than feeding a hungry child, helping a sick and elderly person or giving of your time to help those less blessed than you, than he is truly missing the point. Jesus said that if ANYONE knocks on your door and you turn them away, then you are turning him away. Yet, in this health care debate the Republicans are fighting the very thing that Jesus told us to embrace. Compassion and care for the poor. Respect for all people, no matter what they believe. Giving of yourself to others because it makes us all stronger.
I have been attacked because of my acerbic tone in my writings. I have been called foolish, angry, full of it and a loser. I really don’t care what any one of you calls me. I choose to follow the words of Christ and not the words of those who THINK they know what he has said. That’s why I spent most of my life studying the Word in church and in seminary school. Mr. West can try to diminish my credentials, but what right does he have to diminish my spirit? Absolutely none. His form of hatred and lies are the very reason we are all in the mess we are today with health care, wars and strife. If you teach fear and hate you will reap the rewards of that in your life. My message is simple. Don’t believe everything you read, view or hear. Investigate it. Listen to the still small voice of God. He will guide your steps no matter how many freaks come out of the woodwork.
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