Saturday, September 19, 2009

Venom and the snake pit

Several weeks ago I wrote an article on the town hall meeting disruptors. The onslaught of commenters favoring Glenn Beck was like a tsunami; quick to judge and laying out mass destruction. I decided to walk a mile in Mr. Beck’s shoes and respond to his supporters as negatively as I possibly could. Since it takes about three weeks to form a habit and about three weeks to break one, I decided to conduct an experiment over the next three week period. I decided to level the commenters with insults, question their validity and be as acerbic and nasty as GB is. Mr. Beck cloaks his insults in niceties, but the result is the same. He gets you to doubt something to further his weak position. Why? To sell advertising. It’s not working, Glenn! At this point he has lost 57 advertisers. That speaks volumes!

Three weeks were up yesterday and as a result, I have been called a hater, a dumbass, a liar, a moron, ignorant, stupid, uninformed,  unqualified, Anti-Mormon and on my way to hell. It is interesting when you push people’s buttons how they react. Wanting to be fair, I chose to respond to the commenters. I discovered that not only did it take up a great deal of time, it was stressful and hurtful; not just to myself, but my family as well. When you jump into the snake pit and spew venom repeatedly, it takes its toll. Since yesterday was the conclusion of my experiment, I am relieved to begin pro-acting again instead of reacting.

When people learn something and emotionalize it, it becomes real to them. No matter what anyone else says, they will choose to believe what they are convicted to believe. The snake pit of commenters is like a trip to virtual hell. It is place where everyone is trying to make his opinion known and correct and saying the hell with what anyone else says. This venom wells up from their spirit and spits out at others with such velocity that it burns the recipient, but ultimately, it hurts the person who spews it more. As I have said in my past articles, if you believe something, test it. Conduct experiments to test the validity of your convictions. In the snake pit, there are attacks and anger, as well as compliments and kudos. However, entering the daily sparring match can not only take away precious time from your family; it can have a deleterious effect on your mind, body and spirit.

I have led an absolutely wonderful life. God has blessed me immensely with a large family, great friends and a joyful spirit. During my 20’s and 30’s I was a recording and touring musician. I progressed into recording engineering and production in audio and video. Currently, I design and market websites and multimedia productions. I am quite busy with my work and I simply don’t have the time and energy to live in the snake pit. I have, and will continue to speak my mind on subjects that I have studied and learned about; much to the dismay of some commenters. I know who I am. Do they? Living in the snake pit and spewing venom has become a way of life for them. That is their choice. One particular commenter has a fascist like hit list where he discloses Anti-Mormons to the world. His delusional behavior and self-aggrandizement is indicative of a very sick mind. Is his faith in his religion so weak that he has to attack and label anyone who disagrees with his church? He has challenged me to produce my credentials, yet refuses to declare his.

I know what I have done and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. He feels that I have announced my credentials in my bio because I want to prove to the world that I am an authority. The truth of the matter is that is what asked for and they put it in my bio. During my undergraduate studies in psychology, philosophy, religious history and computer science, I concurrently attended seminary school. We studied in depth the world’s religions, comparative gospels and I wrote a dissertation on ancient religions. I graduated from UCS, a Los Angeles based seminary school in 1985 and the school closed in 1989. During my studies I had to learn Aramaic (Hebrew), Koine Greek, geographic idioms, language nuances and the re-translations of the Bible by the Catholics into Latin. It was fascinating to learn about how some of the things that we have been taught are totally erroneous. Prior to college I had spent most of my child and teen life attending Pentecostal churches. I learned the Bible inside and out. But there was more I needed to learn; hence my attending seminary school.

My good friend and confidante Pastor Dr. Benjamin “Twin B.” Brown relayed a story to me about the situation concerning the Anti-Mormon accusations. He said that if you throw a brick into a pack of dogs, the one that gets hit is the one that yelps the loudest. How true! Greg West, whom I refer as the Anti-Mormon hater (I guess the brick had hit him), disputes my credentials and surely goes out of his way to include me on his Anti-Mormon hit list. This is a form of fascism, and his Mormon cronies don’t seem to like it. The tell me to look it up. I know what it means. They need to look it up. I call it as I see it. And this man questions my spirituality? Why, because I reacted fervently against his hatred and lies? I have had many years of experience with the Mormons. Having attended one of their wards for several years and having to deal with their incessant meddling into my private family affairs, I decided to leave their controlling, dominating and manipulating philosophies of life. After I left, I spent years investigating exactly who Joseph Smith was and what he was all about. I will be doing a series on them in the near future.

My best friend says that I can’t stop the birds from flying over my head but I can prevent them from making a nest in my hair. As for the snake pit, I am done. In fairness to the commenters and their right to comment, I will allow their new comments to appear if they decide to write them. They can fight amongst themselves if they so choose. I will be removing all of the comments currently there to wipe the slate clean and start anew. I will not be entering the snake pit anymore to read any of the comments. Post your hatred and disagreement if you like and if it is obscene and racial and it is reported, I will remove it. I have a great life and I choose to live it without animosity, stress and strife. Furthermore, if anyone tries to email me with negativity I will summarily block their addresses. I will continue to speak my mind on a variety of spiritual subjects, analyzing religions and what they teach people as well as the beauty of being one with God. If you don’t like what I say, then go somewhere else to learn more or spread your hatred. I challenge you to NOT read my articles. Only read them if you want to learn about where your accepted beliefs came from and how they have been manifested in today’s world. Don’t be like the Greg West’s of the world who’s insecurity in their own religion and their desire to enlist other’s attacks on people who disagree with him causes them to resort to fascism and hatred. I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone with my retorts. My goal was to get you to think. If you choose not to, then it is on you. Challenge your beliefs daily to learn the truth. May God bless you and your families now, and forever.

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