Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conspiracy theories

“A conspiracy theory is any theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful Machiavellian conspirators. The word conspire means ‘to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end.’ The word ‘theory’ is, in this usage, sometimes considered to be more informal as in ‘speculation’ or ‘hypothesis’ rather than mainstream scientific theory (Source: Wikipedia).”

Two of the most popular conspiracy theories are 911 and the Moon Landing. Some people, in contrast to the eyewitnesses and scientific evidence foolishly, in my opinion, believe that the moon landing never took place. One of my readers commented to my article "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", “The moon landing was fake, filmed in the desert in Nevada with the help of captured Aliens from area 51. Don't believe it.” Well, I choose to believe the facts in this case; not implausible theories. In regard to 911, however, there are two conspiracy theories; the first is that Al-Qaeda perpetrated 911 and the second is that the Neo-Cons, under the command of Bush (more like Karl Rove) and Cheney, allowed it to happen. In Secretary Mineta’s testimony to the 911 Commission he stated that Cheney had, within his power, to stop the attacks cold; but Cheney’s order to stand down never changed. It kind of makes you wonder what was going through the diabolical mind of a man who has had repeated heart problems and lives in fear. As for Bush, his dumbfounded look in the classroom when he was informed of the attack clearly shows he had no idea; he was clueless. Yet Cheney, was in the “bunker” in command and giving the orders; or should we say NOT giving the orders to shoot down the jets. After years of searching for the WMD, none were found; yet one man’s fear plunged us into a war and many American and Iraqi lives were sacrificed on the altar of fear. If you are wondering how could someone like this sleep at night, come to know that they can; because they are convinced they are doing, or have done, what is right for themselves and everyone else. Neo-con thought embraces the principles of Machiavelli.

In The Prince, Machiavelli is attributed with the fundamental break between political Idealism (the outside world is an extension of the mind) and political Realism (existence is independent and not a result of knowledge and consciousness). The Prince is a manual to acquiring and keeping political power. In regard to Bush and Cheney, there is an interesting quote from The Prince; "There are many who think a wise prince ought, when he has the chance, to foment astutely some enmity, so that by suppressing it he will augment his greatness." Interesting, considering Machiavelli’s position taken by the Medici family when the families of Italy had to be united in a common cause against the Gauls. As a political scientist, Machiavelli emphasized the methodical exercise of brute force (punishment or reward) to preserve the status quo (current or existing state of affairs). The term “Machiavelli” denotes someone of politically-extreme perspective and is referenced in modern psychology as a personality type. Personality types involve qualitative differences between people as opposed to personality traits which are quantitative differences between people. In regard to personality types, Carl Jung postulated that there were four main functions of consciousness; sensation and intuition were perceiving functions and thinking and feeling were judging functions. These functions were modified by the two main attitude types of extroversion and introversion. Jung’s theory further states that whichever function dominates a person’s consciousness, its opposite is repressed and will characterize their unconscious behavior. In regard to personality traits, the Big Five factors and their constituent traits are Openness (curiosity), Conscientiousness (self-discipline), Extraversion (self-confidence), Agreeableness (compassion) and Neuroticism (easily experiences negative emotions; emotional instability). In other words, if your dominant thoughts are neurotic and extraverted, you will repress the good things in life and tell others that’s how it is. When you live in  fear you are living outside of yourself (Realism). Turn to the world on the inside of yourself and discover a place where there is no fear, only faith (Idealism). Show me anything created by mankind on this earth that wasn’t first a thought in someone’s mind. You can’t! Seduction comes from the Latin and it means “to lead astray.” Mankind continually uses distraction and seduction to convince others to follow their belief system instead of going within and accessing the one true God. Don’t be fooled by getting distracted and seduced by unscrupulous individuals who are out to gain power over you and rent space in your head.

The true principles of spirituality lead you to an alignment with God and His resultant creation. Those who perpetrate fear and separation are responsible for all of the lack and limited beliefs in the world. This universe and this world are abundant. Those who live in fear will always tell you otherwise. You have the power to change their channel to a channel of wisdom, peace and abundance. It starts by shutting off the outside world and going within to seek the Kingdom of Heaven. God has no conspiracies!

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