Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wimerwhiners: Part 1

I have been anxiously waiting to begin this series on those commenters who frequent Keith Wimer’s column on Religion & Politics, as well as the refutation of Mr. Wimer’s eschatological conclusions based the Bible, Nostradamus, et. al. Something of this magnitude requires a significant amount of time digging in the dirt, so to speak, but the fruits of my labors will expose the eschatology for the sensationalism that it truly represents; sensationalism based on fear. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. You can anthropomorphize the duck to the Nth degree, but in the light of reality you will see an animal that paddles with its feet and dives for its food.
In his article entitled “Glenn Beck: a chink in the armor” Mr. Wimer asserts that Glenn (Watsamatta U) Beck’s “unflinching promotion of traditional American values” through “incisive and well-researched interviews” makes him “worthy of a degree of admiration.” This is laughable at best since Mr. Beck takes facts and creates conspiracies like speed freaks read FBI marching orders on the oblique in daily newspaper columns. With any set of facts one can read just about any agenda into anything. Glenn Beck is a master at this! Mr. Wimer continues his discourse on John Hagee, the end of days clown who has repeatedly proclaimed the end of the world without success. Keith correctly pins down John Hagee for his “scandalous past” and Glenn Beck for being “responsible for the content of his program.” Whether Beck’s staff “didn’t bother to check the man’s credentials or didn’t find them germane” is my case in point. Jesus said emphatically that “no one will know” the end of days. Since we are “no one”, then it is safe to assume none of us will know.
Mr. Wimer further asserts, correctly, Hagee’s interpretations of current events into signs of the coming apocalypse as “hogwash.” I will go one step further and assert that St. John’s vision of The Revelation of Jesus Christ as being nothing but delusions of a sick and dying man trying to instill fear on those who had persecuted him. What better way to get even with those who were more powerful physically and politically than him; if this were not the case, then why was he hiding out in a cave on the Isle of Patmos in 90 C.E.? Just as I challenge the visions of Joseph Smith of Moses and Jesus I challenge the vision of St. John the Beloved. Science teaches you that if you cannot prove something by re-creating an experiment, then it cannot be accepted as fact; whether written authoritatively or not. Mr. Wimer continues with Biblical assertions made by some Christians which don’t have any basis in the written word. His points are as follows:
  1. “A future uber-evil leader of a one world government (a.k.a. New World Order, a.k.a. "Revived Roman Empire") commonly referred to as the Antichrist. (Nope)
  2. A future seven year tribulation period. (Not to be found)
  3. Nuclear warfare. The battles fought in the Bible, especially the one that is supposed to happen at the climax of human history, Armageddon, are all fought with ancient weaponry, e.g. bows, arrows, swords, men on horseback, etc. hence each has already happened in the PAST!
  4. Israel becoming a nation again, the temple being rebuilt therein, the reinstitution of the sacrificial system, as in animal sacrifices. (The Bible is eerily silent about these matters)
  5. A future seven year tribulation period. (Not to be found)
  6. A multi-stage second (or third) advent of Christ, inaugurated by this made up thing called "the rapture". (Nope, it can’t be found in the Bible either)
  7. Christ reigning from a throne in Jerusalem (Uh, sorry, look as you dare, you won’t find it)
  8. Modern day geopolitical sovereignties such as Russia, China, Iran. (Hello? Simply not there)”
Mr. Wimer’s above points are correct according to my research. However, inferences to #8 are debatable due to some scholars’ assertions that the Tribes of Israel and their descendants are manifested in European, Middle-Eastern and Asiatic countries. As for dispensationalism, God relates to human beings as his most prized creation. His message has been the same since the beginning of our time on this planet; it is how we perceive it that has changed. Mr. Wimer states that “Christianity seems imbecilic to those who don’t already understand its simple straightforward meaning.” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Wimer focuses his attention on “those who misappropriate the teachings in order to line their own pockets and otherwise muddy the waters for personal reasons.” We agree. So far, so good. Not for long, however. His last statement reflects both John Hagee and Glenn Beck to a tee! More to come…
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