Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Foolbook: Should stupidity be killed?

Recently, a Facebook poll asked respondents "Should Obama be killed?" The choices were “No, Maybe, Yes, and Yes if he cuts my health care.” As with any forum that allows people the freedom to operate under an unwritten moral code, there are sometimes going to be people who display moronic behavior and make stupid and treasonous choices. Such is the case here and the Secret Service will undoubtedly find this person and bring them to justice. The question is, “what was going through their mind when posting this poll? Was it an innocent question? Hardly. Was it a sincere quest for knowledge? Don’t think so. Or, was it meant to incite an unstable base into action? Now we’re getting warm. Ultimately, we don’t know what was going on in the mind of such an individual, but as Jesus demonstrated with the fig tree, we will know them by the fruit they bear. I nominate this person for the new site “Foolbook.” Their blatant form of stupidity should be rewarded with humiliation and serious jail time. Time to reflect on their aberrant behavior and the responsibility associated with access to swaying public opinion.

Every day my fiancé and I comment to each other about the lack of focus, respect for adults and common stupidity associated with younger people we encounter. Is it that the schools have failed them? Has the government failed them? Have the failed themselves? Or, is that we, as parents and grandparents have failed to raise them with discipline and compassion? Have we ignored them and relegated their learning to electronic babysitters? Only each one of us truly knows our individual experiences in regard to the raising of our children. Is this current younger generation totally remiss in an understanding of common sense and reason, or are they simply just trying to come to grips with information overload and a daily battle in handling it. Generally, schools haven’t adequately prepared people for college or life. They teach information and ways to obtain knowledge, but fail to give students techniques in developing wisdom. Understanding is the key in converting information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. But how does one develop understanding? Through experience? Through impartation? Through osmosis? Understanding comes from a willingness to learn and a diligent search for the truth.

A fool is generally a stupid person who lacks the ability to exercise common sense and effective judgment based on the facts. As I have said many times in my articles, “Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?” Yesterday my fiancé and I drove by Route 202 and Route 1 in Concordville, PA. and saw three younger people on one corner with anti-Obama health care placards and one older gentleman with an anti-abortion placard on the opposite corner. My only thought was for them to get a life. I admired their strength and belief in themselves to stand there in the rain and wave their beliefs to the passersby, but ultimately, what they were saying was NOT based on fact but on the skew and spin of their heroes and/or parties. Not to mention the fact that someone driving by might have paid too much attention to the arm waving and reading of the signs that it might have caused an accident. I know; it was just less than a mile from this spot where a drunk hit and run driver hit me last May.

My vote is that we kill stupidity. Let’s all make a concerted effort to examine the FACTS and not blindly believe the OPINIONS of others who have an agenda that we might not be aware of. Let’s make the time every day to investigate the truth and pro-act the results. Let’s move away from reacting to the opinions of others and act on the solutions that we can all help each other attain. Be willing to learn the truth and take the diligent steps to acquire it. All of us will benefit from the truth and we will not be fooled by the opinions of those who try to use us for manifesting their agendas.

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