Sunday, September 27, 2009

Right wing Obamanation: worthy to read, but not believe

There you go again, Keith. Using tidbits to reinforce your weak and loser position. Let’s start with an analysis of your most recent commentary:

“By now there are few Americans left who remain unaware of the recently uncovered video of New Jersey school children singing songs of "praise" to President Barack Hussein Obama at the behest of one of their teachers. One must assume the video's discovery makes the use of his middle name acceptable again. Ardent liberals have chided conservatives in the past for its invocation, claiming it was employed to unfairly prejudice others against him.”

My retort to Paragraph 1: It is interesting that he uncovers one video utilizing “Hussein” and emphasizes it in the title of the article.

“It's remarkable how many have made the argument, "if that had been George W. Bush the kids were singing about, the left wing media would've gone berserk." Not that it isn’t a valid point, it is. Can one imagine the level of outrage commentators Keith Olberman or equally cretinous, foul-mouthed, leftist Joe Scarborough would have exhibited if indeed the adulation had been directed at "W"? Scarborough would no doubt have intentionally loosed the "f" word instead of the way he used it "accidentally" on live TV recently. Perhaps the applicable adage here would be, don’t try to justify bad behavior by pointing to someone else’s. Although, admittedly it does give perspective and often helps demonstrate rampant hypocrisy.”

My retort to Paragraph 2: Yes, Keith Olberrmann would have said something; after all, his team of researchers scour out the facts and not opinions like GB “researchers.” Leftist, just like you say “Racist.” Isn’t Joe Scarborough a Republican? Or did you forget to check that one out? There you go again Keith, making an ass out of yourself by ASSuming. Are you the source for determining what you call bad behavior. As for hypocrisy, you take the cake. You teach your Eschatology and political horsecrap to Jim-Bob’s who swallow it hook, line and sinker. Still a sore loser, huh? Well, hopefully you’ll get over it before you influence too many people and steer them down the path to hell. It’s amazing what some people do when they are afraid of the facts!

“There is however a more fundamental argument against this type of, dare it be said, "indoctrination." Yes that word has become wearisome with its overuse of late, but if the shoe fits... Perhaps "brainwashing" would be a better descriptive, who’s to say? A couple of things to consider putting the situation in its proper perspective; first, the office of president of the United States of America is indeed prestigious and inherently commands respect. The men who occupy it however, must earn the respect that comes with the office. Whether or not Barack Hussein Obama has earned any thus far is up to individuals to decide for themselves.”

My retort to Paragraph 3: If anyone knows brainwashing it’s you, Keith. You present your illogical arguments based on right wing religious horsecrap and package it in a palatable form for morons who don’t have the inclination to investigate your erroneous claims. You take stabs at me for my “leftist” position and cry foul when I call you and your commenters “racists”. You and your whiners are the worst form of hypocrisy because you can’t smell your own stench. As for earning the respect, Obama has. Who the hell do you think you are to be the determiner of what constitutes earning respect? After all, your discovery of the Word in 1996 has led you down a path of misinterpretation and false support for views you have only recently learned. Compare that to a lifetime of research and living the word. There is no comparison. Yet you pose the question and put it in the laps of your readers with a pronounced skew in your presentation. Again, trying to manipulate the outcome.

“Regardless of where one comes down on that matter, can one honestly believe it’s appropriate for a public school teacher to coerce children to sing songs of worship about a public official? Politicians are supposed to do a job on behalf of the constituents who "hire" them. Once accomplished, it may be fitting to laud the public servant for particular achievements, but to generally glorify an unproven leader with questionable character, less than popular policies, who constantly globe trots apologizing for America, is simply unfettered propaganda. Using impressionable children to convey the message is beyond reprehensible and only makes matter much worse.”

My retort to Paragraph 4: There you go again. Subtly presenting your “character” skew and using children to gain access to your readers soft spots. You are the worst form of manipulator, sir. And Obama is correct for apologizing for America. Your Republican war policies and reprehensible behavior toward the global community is based on lies and manipulation. Did you forget about Iraq, Afghanistan and torture perpetrated by Bush and Cheney? Convenient for your argument.

“Barack Hussein Obama cannot fairly be described as an Adolph Hitler type of leader. People should really stop using the comparison as it harms their own agenda. It is nonetheless unconscionable that the same type of mind control tactics are being used by Obama supporters, as were implemented by the Nazi regime during the 1930’s (as illustrated by the video below.)”

My retort to Paragraph 5: Mind control tactics are your obvious weapon, Mr. Whiner. Present a skewed video to back up your obviously weak position and it adds icing to the cake. Your methodology is to take the available and skew it to fit your right wing Republican religious agenda. Seek enlightenment and understanding that Christ provides and your cloak of right wing righteousness will fall to ground where it belongs.

“Palestinians use similar techniques indoctrinating their children to hate Jews and commit Jihad. There’s no comparison of course, other than methodology. Still, the New Jersey school district should atone for what they’ve done instead of expressing outrage that the video found its way into the public forum.”

As for his commenter who wants Jesus back in the schools, what makes her think that this country is just Judeo-Christian? If you want religions in school than why not all of them? We could all learn temperance and tolerance for others by embracing all forms of belief and not judging each other. Something modern day Christians use as a flag to wave. Why not wave a flag of respect and unity instead of maliciousness and derision?

As always, your comments and conclusions are welcomed. As I have stated in a previous article, I no longer read them, but you are welcome to debate my position amongst yourselves. May God bless all of you, whether you agree with me or not.

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