Thursday, October 1, 2009

‘Tripe masquerading as commentary’

It was a wonderful morning. 5 AM, crickets chirping, tree frogs whirring and a hot cup o’ jo. Then I went to the computer and read my rival examiner’s comments and laughed almost out of control. His statement concerning my commentaries was ‘tripe masquerading as commentary.’ This is something you would expect from someone whose opinion is not factually based and who is undoubtedly pinned to the ropes. Such a statement reflects the mindset of someone who has no facts to back up what he says. After all, being a Glenn Beck supporter certainly speaks volumes. However, we will not degrade ourselves into ‘worthless drivel’ or ‘witless blather’ as his commenters have accused me of; we will take the truthful and poignant road and, like Congressman Grayson, and call it as we see it.

Let’s look at his commenter’s frame of mind in regards to evolution. Who’s to say that evolution was not God’s way of creating the universe? There is no scripture to refute this. In the original Aramaic, the words without form and void in the first chapter of Genesis are ‘tohu’ and ‘bohu’. The meanings of these words are a vast chaotic wasteland; an implication that the earth was ‘re-created’ six thousand years ago, NOT initially created. One of this examiner’s thoughtful readers commented, “They teach our kids that the Earth revolves around the sun too but we know that’s not true either. I tell them to get up every morning and watch the sun turn around the only planet that God made for man and my country which is the greatest that God gave man.” WTF? If this is the average level of intelligence of his readership then he is fulfilling a purpose. Feeding the minds of the mindless is a worthy job. The level of your sincerity is determined by WHAT you are feeding them. How about a flat earth?

God has given us senses in order to experience our environment and a brain to sort it all out. If you use a book or someone else’s impressions of reality as the sole determining factor of your existence, then you are limiting your scope of experience. You are operating under tunnel vision. When I quote Jesus and give solid examples of his behavior and words, most of my commenters react in rage and disgust. When I support the position of love and nurturing, they react with a nationalistic agenda and unscientific analysis. When you solely use your feelings to determine your reality you are operating in a vacuum. Your emotions and feelings are simply a feedback system to allow you to qualify and quantify what you sense in reality. It is NOT the sole determinant of reality. Yet, people seem to NOT want to expand themselves out of their comfort zone to embrace FACT instead of OPINION. They set an agenda based on feelings alone, and then spend their time trying to convince themselves and others that their skew on life is correct.

Eschatology is a prime example. Based on the concept that we are all sinners and need to fear God, stories are told by delusional people to reinforce their own fears and a belief in a fantasy world in the future. Whether it’s Revelation, Nostradamus or the world coming to an end according to the Mayan calendar in 2012, it’s all reflective of fear and a final judgment on man for all of his sins. Hogwash!!! It is all game-whipping of those who want to control, dominate and manipulate others into their will and their skew on life. Don’t believe it! God has created an abundant universe that operates as a precision clock. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now. The only thing we truly have is the now! We can reflect on the past and dream about the future, but we can only live in the now! Choose life and be with the living instead of choosing death and existing with the walking dead. Bless them and go about your way on a path to life by speaking the truth and giving love to all. Don’t settle for anything less than that, because if you do, you are carving a path of lack and limitation; something that the fear mongers thrive on. Follow the words of Jesus and emulate his behaviors. He is our model for living life. He knows that the earth revolves around the sun and that all people on this planet are created equal. His perspective is one of love, wisdom and abundance. Dispute that and you are disputing the truth of God’s love.

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