Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are you homophobic?

Are you upset about the queering of elementary education and the sexualizing of school children? Do you listen to town criers with an obvious homophobic agenda and justify it by invoking Christian values? Do you even know what Christian values are or are you content with just listening to those with overt agendas and opinions? Well, if you are unsure about this issue then read on. If you disagree, then go here for your mother’s milk. As for the truth, it can only be found in the love of God and the realization that we are all created by Him and we are all blessed by Him. We are his most prized creation and He loves us enough to allow us to have free will.

What is free will? Free will is the relationship between the freedom to act on, or react to, situations and events and the causes of these situations and events. Are we subject to the laws of nature that create situations and events or do we affect the laws of nature? Or is it a combination of being affected and affecting? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise? It depends on the definition of the term noise. Science is aware that the experimenter can affect the outcome of the experiment. If you comment on any occurrence and have a pre-conceived notion that will affect your analysis, it’s no wonder that you come up with evidence to support your conclusions. If you believe that everything that is happening to you came from prior occurrences than you are deterministic. If you believe that the prior statement is true, but some events and situations are not previously determined by prior actions, then you are considered to believe in indeterminism. If you believe that free will and determinism compatibly exist then you are considered a compatibilist. If you feel that free will and determinism are incompatible, then you are compartmentalized into 3 categories of incompatibilism:
  1. Hard determinism: determinism is reality and free will is an illusion.
  2. Libertarianism: free will is true and determinism doesn’t exist.
  3. Pessimistic Incompatibilism: Neither free will nor determinism exists.
Depending on your viewpoint of the world you can affect the observations you make. Do you believe that homosexuality is a choice? Do you believe that it is an abomination to God? Are you more concerned about judging others than accepting who they are and for what they are? Are you listening to those who preach fear and the end times of God’s wrath and judgment of man for his sins? Do you base your entire life on a book that others have passed down mouth to mouth and page to page without questioning the motives of the writers? Or are you an open minded person who hears, sees, feels, tastes and touches reality without any prior pre-conceived notions? Our senses are wonderful interpreters of the electromagnetic spectrum that allow us to interact with our environment. However, all of our perceptions are merely electrical copies of reality that exist in our brains. Our perceptions are just that; perceptions and not reality.

When we impose our perceptions and beliefs on others based on our individual skew we are committing a form of brain washing. Whether we make blanket statements or allude to our own agendas by asking questions we are still manipulating a desired response from our environment. Are the schools trying to queer our kids with acceptance of homosexuals? Hardly. The schools are trying to create a base of acceptance for others without judgment based on an individual’s choice in their beliefs. Are they trying to sexualize them too early, or are they utilizing preventative medicine to allow them to make their own choices based on the facts and not someone else’s religious skew? You decide. Our children are our future and we need to make them aware of the choices they need to make in their lives based on facts and not religious opinions. Does God read the Bible? Did God create us just to punish us? Or did He simply give us the free will to choose our paths as we go through the journey of life. As always, you decide.

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