Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally a peacemaker is recognized!

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. All of the cable talk shows are slamming the electrons with diverse and wacky opinions. Yet, for once, a person who has reached out to the Muslim world in peace is under attack from the conservative right wing Republicans who spend each and every day sitting on their shoulders. Sore losers who can’t even smell their own stench of backwards thinking. First the Evangelical Examiner with his evangelical cowboy diplomacy who doesn’t even realize that the death of the cowboy is nigh. Then, the Catholic Examiner who claims the Nobel Peace Prize is now tarnished! What about the priests in your church who tarnished young boys? Do you think we forgot about that? Then the Christian & Politics Examiner who couldn’t quite seem to make up her mind about Obama’s win. Instead of us all being thankful that someone from our country won the award, the same country that has wreaked havoc all over the world from the Bush Doctrine, the nay-sayers use this opportunity to promote their backwards agenda. Let’s go back to the old ways. Yeah, right. The ways of Ronald Reagan that put us in this mess to begin with. And he wasn’t even a real cowboy. He was great at reading cue cards, though.

And then there are Glenn Beck’s comments. He said Obama should give the prize back because he didn’t earn it. Jealous are we, Beck? Your 9/12’ers aren’t worthy of the NPP. You should give your show’s time slot back to someone who is mentally stable. After listening to this idiot’s revisionist history cries for an hour I got a headache. This man is truly delusional. And then there is his staunch supporter who claims that science has made evolution a religion. I will address that one in my coming series of the Evolution of Religion as a logical response to observations and conclusions that are made with opinion instead of fact.

Did you know that Conservapedia is re-writing the Bible with a conservative bias? Yeah, when the Bible teaches them to care for the other guy that’s just too liberal for them so they need to change what Jesus said to align with their hillbilly ways. And then there’s Newt and Callista Gingrich hawking ”Rediscovering God in America” DVD on Hannity. Talk about pompous! They claim a Judeo-Christian slant on the early settlers of this country and the Founding Fathers, who were predominantly Deists. Don’t these people read history?

Oh, and then there’s Rush Lamebrow. He calls Barack Obama a liberal sellout. Who’s the sellout Rush? Who’s the one who, in an on camera interview, stated that he would say anything for ratings and money? It’s funny that a practicing misogynist was asked to judge a beauty pageant. And Rush wonders why women don’t want to be around him. Even the football players of the team he wants to buy don’t want to play on the team if he buys it.

Let’s just call the cowboys and the cowboy mentality what they are, MORONS who practice backwards thinking and who don’t listen a word of what Jesus said. Yet they proclaim their allegiance to him. What liars and hypocrites! Thank God for Congressman Grayson who has the cajones to call it as it is! Call a spade a spade. Let’s start ignoring the cowboy racists who try to perpetrate their conservative skew that is NOT from the teachings of Jesus. Maybe they can move to a country ending in “stan” and play their war games with other non-practicing Christian morons. I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t the hypocritical evangelicals, Catholics, cowboys and proselytizing conservatives move to Texas and secede from the union. There’s plenty of dust to obscure their B.S. After all, they love spreading it!

Finally, let’s ask Michael Steele what he asked of Obama; “What have you accomplished, Mr. Steele, besides putting a black face on the Republican party and being their puppet spokesperson?” Just like the Reps selecting Sarah Palin for cosmetics and no substance. Just look at John McCain’s expressions and body language every time they appeared together and tell me that he was happy with her.

Who are the conservamorons trying to fool anyway? Don’t they know that anyone with half a brain can see through their selfishness and egocentricity? Their behavior is NOT the behavior that Christ outlined for us. Yet they try to manipulate his words to fit their agendas. Jesus’ behavior was considered liberal at the time he lived because he cared about those who were weak and poor. One person noticed this back in the sixties and spoke with clarity and bravery about the words of Christ. In 1964 at the age of 35 years old Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace prize. He earned it just like Barack Obama. Unfortunately, he was killed for his beliefs in peace. Obama humbled himself in his speech on Friday and took the award as a charge to bring together all races, creeds and religions on this planet. Finally, after 8 years of mindless war someone is seeking peace. Remember, Obama walked into Bush’s wars. Thank God that finally, a peacemaker is recognized.

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