Sunday, October 11, 2009

Out of touch

Are you out of touch? What exactly does that expression mean? First, it is an idiom. An idiom is an expression of speech whose meaning is not a result of the literal meanings of its elements, but is a result from the parallel thoughts it creates. “Kick the bucket” is an example of an idiom which means that someone has died. Hence, the subsequent term “Bucket List”, which denotes a list of things to do before one dies.

Out of touch is an expression of speech which alludes to someone who is no longer interacting and communicating with one’s physical environment. The opposite idiom is to be in touch, or have regular communication and interaction with one’s physical environment. Events and circumstances regularly occur in our physical environments. Are they a result of random chance, or are they a result of one situation building on another situation until these situations are expressed as a final result? If you don’t pay attention to events and circumstances on a regular basis in your physical environment you are out of touch. In order to understand what that truly means we must analyze how events and circumstances manifest in our environments.

Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer, “on earth, as it is in heaven.” Another way of saying this is “As above, so below.” These expressions of speech describe how the process of creation manifests in the physical world. As living beings, we have different aspects or levels of being that relay our thoughts into the physical world. Our spiritual aspect is our connection to God. It is a knowing that exists within us that we are expressions of the Most High God. Our mental aspect is where thinking occurs in our minds. It is where we generate and move the energy of thought. Our emotional aspect is where feeling occurs and it is where we either react to or pro-act with our physical environment. Finally, our physical aspect is where we interact with our environment through sensing. Our senses are our point of contact with our environment. Each of our 5 physical senses absorbs or feels different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum and converts them into electrical copies or representations within our brains. What we perceive in our minds are symbols of our environment. We compare these thought symbols or archetypes to previous experiences through the contemplative processes in our brains. Our perceptions are a result of the state of all of our aspects of being in relation to the physical environment.

When we deny the facts that occur in our environment and replace them with the perceptions or opinions of others we are out of touch with ourselves. Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said, “When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others.” Do you live your life based on the perceptions or opinions of others? Are you so out of touch with your environment that you defend mediocrity and false beliefs? Have you daily accepted the easy way out because you have given up on your dreams? There is a way back to a state where you can be in touch with reality. It is a process that requires discipline and focus. By making the time to relax and block out the distractions of the outer world, you can begin to listen to the still small voice of God, who will develop your spiritual aspect to the point where your environmental interaction is based on knowing instead of reacting. Meditation is a process where you let go of the grip of the outer world and enter the peace and joy of the inner world. You might say, “I have tried to meditate and it feels weird, so I give up. It’s too hard.” First, you don’t try to meditate; the very definition of meditation excludes trying. If you try you are not letting go! Secondly, Henry Ford once said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” I addressed this in a previous article.

If you haven’t made the time to get in touch with who you are, then you will inevitably fall into mediocrity. Do you just get by? Are the results of your life barely adequate? Have situations occurred in your life that have shaken your world and have brought you to the point where you know something must change? Charles C. West said, “We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” Has God given you a wake-up call? Has He rattled your cage enough that you are finally paying attention to what is truly going on in your environment? Will you heed His call or will you ignore it? It is your choice. Choose life, awareness of yourself and being in touch with the reality from all aspects of your being. That is the only way to escape being out of touch.

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